How Wolt Made Data-Driven Automation A Reality – Anh Nguyen, Wolt & Jonatan Macznik, AppsFlyer & Yaro Shevtsov,

Finnish food delivery player Wolt has taken the world by a storm, offering incredible customer services paired with high-quality delivery service and amazing operational drive.

When Covid-19 hit, they knew that supporting their [under-pressure] customers meant being agile and adapting to the ‘new normal’.

Their ability to decipher trends in the market act on them and get ahead of the curve puts them on the [top] of the map. So how do they do it? What is the driving force behind this thought process and how can we learn from this?

Join our panel session where the VP of Performance Marketing for Wolt, Ahn Nguyen will discuss how they utilized data from both AppsFlyer and to guide their decision-making process and create more opportunities to drive growth.