Our Economy, Reimagined - Alvin Bowles, Facebook

2020 was one of the most transformational years of our lifetimes. We faced situations that few of us had ever imagined, and that fewer businesses had prepared for. Yet well before 2020, we were already grappling with major societal forces - from climate change to the MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements. As the COVID-19 pandemic brought our global economy to a near halt, it exacerbated inequality through its outsize devastation on minorities. With profound societal and economic gaps so apparent, consumers are calling for action. We all know that we must act now.

In this presentation, Alvin Bowles will show that taking action to drive business equality is not only the right thing to do but that there is clear upside in doing so. He will discuss our work at Facebook to catalyze economic empowerment. More importantly, he will open a dialogue around how we take collective action. How do we - Facebook, our partners, and our customers - drive equality together? What should be our new scorecard for success and impact? Where do we go from here? Together, let’s reimagine our economy so that it works for everyone.