Plan what will happen, instead of scrolling through pictures of what already did – Louise Richardson, Pinterest


Over 400 million people come to Pinterest each month to find tomorrow's ideas. That means that we know what's going to be big in the future, even when it seems really small in the present. In fact, eight out of ten of Pinterest’s predictions for 2020 came true – despite it being the least predictable year in recent history.

Join Louise Richardson, Director of Marketing Europe, as she unveils Pinterest Predicts, a run-down of the top 100 trends across fashion, beauty, travel, food and drink, home and beyond. This isn't your typical trend report. It's a not-yet-trending report - and for brands, it's a window into the future from the platform where people go to plan theirs. Louise will pick out some key trends and discuss how advertisers should capitalise on what's going to be hot in 2021.