The Age of Performance Branding – Darren D’Altorio, Wpromote & Courtney Fadjo-Biro, Zenni & Simone Bocedi,

It’s time for a new way of thinking about media planning and digital strategy across the entire funnel, one that drives both brand value and performance. That new lens to inform your decision-making is Performance Branding.

In this fireside chat, we’ll explore…

The case for applying direct response, performance marketing KPIs to all your digital marketing efforts.

Why “collapsing the funnel” and embracing performance branding will unlock new scale and opportunity for your business, no matter where it is in its lifecycle.

How embracing performance branding will unlock the full potential of your creative strategy, adding more flexibility, driving faster learning, and creating deeper community value.

Frameworks for evolving your digital media strategy to a performance branding approach and breaking down operational silos without a full-scale re-org.