Zilingo and Smartly.io Team Up to Target New B2B and B2C Audiences



Technology and commerce platform Zilingo partners with Smartly.io’s Managed Service team to scale B2C marketing efforts and launch a new B2B campaign.

1 Challenge

Expanding the Business with Limited Manpower

Zilingo, a technology and commerce platform that is re-imagining the global supply chain, sought to build a robust in-house performance marketing team as quickly as possible to support company growth in new regions. The first step toward achieving this goal was to scale current marketing activities quickly, even with limited manpower. Zilingo first turned to Smartly.io’s Managed Service team to increase monthly active users, app installs, user base and gross merchandise volume for their B2C campaigns. 

In addition to needing support with ongoing B2C campaigns, Zilingo also intended to launch a new B2B business unit that would propel its expansion into new markets in the Philippines and India. Zilingo wanted to expand vertically by growing their supply chain. Due to the limited manpower and a lack of marketing automation tools, the Zilingo team struggled to formalize a proper social media and budgeting strategy to maximise their campaign performance. As a result, money was not optimally spent on proper channels and campaigns.



Decrease in cost-per-install

Compared to efforts before partnering with Smartly.io Managed Service team



Of traffic driven to Zilingo website

Due to the new B2B campaign

2 Solution

Creating End-to-End, Full Funnel Marketing Strategies

To set Zilingo up for long-term success, Smartly.io documented all challenges and learnings from the initial B2C efforts for Zilingo to use in the B2B launch and all future campaigns and business initiatives.

Smartly.io Managed Service team was able to streamline workflow communication processes across different teams and eliminate unnecessary manual work, which led to cost savings. Extremely dedicated account managers enabled Zilingo to achieve their business objectives and hit monthly targets.

With limited experience in leveraging social media for B2B, Smartly.io managed service helped Zilingo to research and integrate social advertising strategy into B2B offline marketing strategy. A funnel-like custom approach, competitive analysis and refined targeting helped to guide Zilingo's decision making.Smartly.io offered suggestions on relevant B2B audiences and competitive analysis to help guide Zilingo’s decision making and overall paid social plan. To ensure that Zilingo had the most current information, Smartly.io provided updates on the latest Facebook product offerings and beta tests, offering insights and strategic advice inspired by Facebook and Instagram best practices. With the foundation established, Zilingo’s B2B business continues to expand to other markets.

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Smartly.io has been an important partner for us, especially at the stages when we have rapidly scaled Facebook advertising. The team brings along with it not only deep expertise about the product, but also an agile mindset that's well suited to fast-growing businesses. The Smartly.io team has provided strategic direction for our market expansion and media investments, as well as stabilised ad operations effectively as we built out our in-house teams.”

Marita Abraham, CMO, Zilingo

3 Outcome

Establishing Long-term Success with Cost Efficiencies

Resulting from its partnership with Smartly.io Managed Service team, Zilingo’s B2C campaigns in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore all experienced increased cost efficiencies. The team saw a 75 percent decrease in cost-per-install when compared to campaigns run without Smartly.io’s partnership,as well as a 56 percent decrease in cost-per-order and 60 percent decrease in cost-per-user. With B2B as an entirely new audience for Zilingo, the Smartly.io Managed Service team not only laid the groundwork for the B2B campaign but provided counsel on how to best measure success in this space.

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