Julianna Alanne

Guide to Flash Sales on Facebook - How to Budget, Optimize and Run Short-Term Campaigns

By Julianna Alanne on September 19, 2017

Limited time offers and flash sales can be an effective way to drive revenue, particularly during seasonal holidays and festivities. Most flash sales last for 24 hours or less, so the campaigns promoting them are short-lived, too. Maximizing performance within such narrow timeframes requires a different campaign management approach compared to longer campaigns.

Otto Hilska

How Engineers Work at Smartly.io

By Otto Hilska on September 15, 2017
We're looking for brilliant Software Developers to join our team!

In the past two years, the Smartly.io product development team has grown by 6x, extracted a bunch of microservices from a monolithic code base, scaled infrastructure beyond 400 servers, and contributed to growing monthly revenues by 10x. Meanwhile, we’ve been able to maintain agile and self-organized ways of working in our 50-person engineering team.
Petteri Jalonen

Beyond Travel Retargeting: Dynamic Ads for Travel with Broad Audiences

By Petteri Jalonen on September 12, 2017

Travel advertisers can now reach new prospecting audiences based on the travel intent people have shown - without any additional setup to their hotel catalogues.

Christine Göös

Smartly.io for the Win! Digiday Honors Our Innovative Culture

By Christine Göös on August 31, 2017

We’re excited to announce that Smartly.io has won the Most Innovative Culture Award in the tech platform category in the first annual Digiday WorkLife Awards. As an influential publication for our industry that we’ve been reading for years, we’re incredibly proud to be recognized as one of what Digiday considers “the media and marketing world’s best work environments” thanks to the values and cultural initiatives that make us unique.

Thomas Schoemaecker

Top Tips: Lead Generation on Facebook

By Thomas Schoemaecker on August 17, 2017

While creating Lead Ads on Facebook is relatively simple, there are lots of things to consider to get the most out of your lead generation campaigns and grow your business.

Max Huttunen

How to Make a Data Grid Scale

By Max Huttunen on August 3, 2017

At Smartly.io, our users have diverse, sometimes very demanding needs when it comes to tables for displaying and manipulating data. We wanted to cover all of the possible use cases with our new campaign management data grid implementation, where expandable rows, sticky columns and good performance are just some of the most important requirements.

In this blog post, we go through how we found the right tool for the job, and overcame the most critical challenges to build a truly well-performing and scalable data grid.

Lauri Kovanen

Statistical Significance for Humans — Automated Statistical Significance Calculator for A/B Testing

By Lauri Kovanen on July 19, 2017

As online marketing grows more complex, it’s difficult to get all the details right on the first try. With dozens of decisions to make for each ad, it is no surprise that there’s often room for improvement. Fortunately there’s a way to consistently make better decisions: A/B testing. However, running randomized controlled trials typically requires a good understanding of statistics, and most of our customers are not statisticians. We saw a clear need for a more understandable, automated solution especially for statistical significance calculations—so that’s what we set out to build.

Miikka Holkeri

Dynamic Ads Beyond Retargeting with Broad Audiences

By Miikka Holkeri on July 7, 2017

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads have offered unparalleled performance for e-commerce, travel, and other advertisers for well over two years already. So far, the product has only supported retargeting advertiser’s website visitors and app users, limiting your audience size to the number of people who’ve interacted with you in the past. That’s why, despite the great performance, the possible investments advertisers have been able to make have been fairly restricted — typically, the biggest share of their budgets goes to acquiring new customers.

To help advertisers reach these audiences with top-performing ads, Facebook is rolling out the possibility to expand the reach of Dynamic Ads campaigns outside retargeting audiences – it’s called Broad Audiences.

Ville Lautanala

Streaming Data with Ruby Enumerators

By Ville Lautanala on July 6, 2017

Streaming is an efficient method of handling large collections of data. Working with streaming data in Ruby using blocks is clunky compared to Node.js Stream API where streams can be easily composed. In this blog post we share how we combined the ideas from Node.js Streams with Ruby enumerables to build composable streams in Ruby. This has helped us scale our feed processing to a whopping pace of over 1 million products processed each minute. 

Siiri Hakulinen

Extreme Transparency in Practice — Agnes & Peter’s 1st Strategy Day at Smartly.io

By Siiri Hakulinen on June 22, 2017

Transparency is a must for an organization that wants to operate with agility and avoid red-tape. Openness allows self-organizing teams to operate independently. Agnes and Peter, both recent hires at Smartly.io, share their take on how all Smartlies are involved in strategic decision-making at our biannual Futurio strategy day.