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Deliveroo_header.pngChatbooks - Scaling Spend by Automating       

Chatbooks, a leading US-based photo book company, was looking to join forces with a Facebook Marketing Partner for the first time. With Smartly features like Stop Loss and Predictive Budget Allocation, Chatbooks was able to automate much of their manual work.


“Adding in automation tools will make your life so much easier and will allow you to scale much faster than doing things manually.” Gerardo Castillo, Director of Customer Acquisition, Chatbooks


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Deliveroo APAC - Scaling and Growing QoQ  

Restaurant food delivery company Deliveroo first entered the Singapore market in late 2015 and is currently building their presence and acquiring more new customers in the APAC region. 

Working with solutions, Deliveroo managed to increase their acquisition volume by 70% and reduce their CPA by 25% quarter over quarter, even with a 3% smaller budget. 


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is one of the fastest growing ecommerce companies in Vietnam and features over 60,000 products from categories like electronics and lifestyle. They wanted to maintain their fast growth and their good advertising ROI without growing their head count, so they turned to a partner that could help them automate their manual work.

They were already successfully using Dynamic Ads, but were able to achieive even better results combining them with’s Dynamic Image Templates to add brand elements, prices, sales tags and other elements to their product images.


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OLX Brazil - Growing Mobile User Base 

30% More Customer Listings and 11% Lower Cost Per New Listing




OLX is one of the world's leading classifieds platforms. OLX Brazil wanted to attract new, high quality users at scale. The combination of's Facebook automation and optimization tools and AppsFlyer's attribution and engagement insights helped them effectively grow their mobile user base and revenues.

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Telia Norway – Automating Ad Production with

91% decrease in cost per sale with retargeted dynamic ads

The Norwegian mobile provider worked with to start automating their advertising, after running Facebook campaigns manually for a number of years. With dynamic ads and’s campaign creation tools, Dynamic Image Templates and optimization features they were able to acheive great results, reducing cost per sale on both retargeting and propsecting campaigns.

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Stayhard - Adopting Dynamic Ads to Drive Great Performance 

63% improvement in CTR and 16% higher average order value 

“By utilising Facebook’s dynamic targeting options we have been able to develop detailed always-on strategies within retargeting that boast impressive KPI improvements. We are not only generating a lot more revenue at a lower cost of sale than before, we are also using synergy effects between totally different campaigns to scale our investment and find new customers.” Viktor Sundberg, Online Marketing Manager, Stayhard AB

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 - Increasing Sales and ROI With Personalized Ads on Instagram

23% better ROI and 14% lower CPA is an online shop with clothes, shoes and accessories for the entire family. The store opened in 2009 and offers the best shopping experience with daily new arrivals, a wide selection, and good offers.

They have used Dynamic Ads for Products on Facebook with great results. Now, they wanted to increase sales and ROI even more with personal, unique and relevant ads on Instagram.

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BarkBox - Automating Manual Work With's Triggers

26% decrease in CPA (cost per new BarkBox subscription)

"Smartly triggers have allowed us save time while achieving diligent custom optimization 24/7.”
Rob Schutz, Head of Growth, BarkBox

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Finery Automating Their Sales Funnel With

Automated Prospecting and Retargeting

With the help of’s automation, Finery was able to expand their marketing efforts into new regions without having to grow their team. In fact, they were able to reduce the time spent on campaign management by 25% while expanding marketing efforts, freeing up precious hours for more productive activities.

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SaleStock - Scaling Organic Page Engagement into Sales

Average CTR 9.72%

Using’s Automated Post Boosting, SaleStock implemented campaigns that automatically pick posts that met their performance goals and were very engaging, and target those posts to their most relevant audience segments, including existing fans and Lookalike audiences. Predictive Budget Allocation was used to further optimize ad delivery towards the best performing audiences.

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Home24 - A Smarter Retargeting Solution

2.7X higher revenue versus real-time bidding retargeting

Home24 is Europe’s largest online destination for home furniture and décor, with a presence in 8 countries across Europe and Latin America. Its goal is to consistently provide customers with the best service and product selection.

Partnering with, the furniture and home accessories ecommerce brand switched from real-time bidding retargeting to Facebook’s dynamic product ads and was rewarded with rapid increases in revenue and return on ad spend.

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Hawkers – Growing Sales and Brand on Instagram

11x ROI for remarketing campaign and 7x lower CPC

Hawkers, a next generation sunglasses company, wanted to build their brand awareness and to be the first sunglasses company to launch a major promotion on Instagram. 

Hawkers ran prospecting and retargeting Instagram Ads campaigns with discount codes using a version of the same creatives they used on Facebook. Smartly’s campaign automation tools and triggers enabled Hawkers to maximize ROI by easily reducing the discount they offered (starting with 40% OFF and decreasing to 25%) during the course of the campaign to encourage customers to act fast.

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Zalora – Scale Success with


Zalora – Scale Success with

30% increase in ROI and 50% increase in marketing volume with Predictive Budget Allocation

Founded in 2012, Zalora is the fastest growing online fashion retailer in Asia. With over 400 brands across womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, beauty and sports, Zalora is quickly becoming the destination for online fashion in the region.

"'s predictive budget allocation feature helped us scale our success in an efficient and rapid way. During our annual ZALORA Fashion Fever Week, we saw great success in both marketing efficiency and volume.'s dedicated and 'always-on' support just works." -Kaushal Bhalotia, Head of Online Marketing, ZALORA Group

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Automate Your Design Work With


Linio Automates Their Design Work With

3.1x increase in click-through rates with dynamic image templates is the largest online store selling technology, personal care, fashion, entertainment, books, movies and more in Latin America. They rely strongly on digital marketing, including Facebook advertising, to reach and engage its customers.

“Creating Dynamic Product Ads is one thing but to be able to launch Page Post Ads through Dynamic Image Templates that actually look much better than the normal RT banner is something only could provide us. As an E-commerce company, we truly realize the huge potential that Facebook Advertising has and has helped us reduce human dependency while still achieving marketing objectives.”




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Linio – Anuncios dinámicos para reducir costos


Linio Automatiza Su Trabajo De Diseño Con

Linio, plataforma mexicana de comercio en línea de electrónica, consiguió aumentar sus ventas y reducir su costo por acción.

"Facebook es la principal fuente de tráfico para nuestro sitio, con las capacidades de segmentación que nos ofrece podemos llegar al público relevante para nuestra marca. A su vez nos dimos cuenta del enorme potencial que tiene Facebook junto a para lograr nuestros objetivos de negocio al permitirnos automatizar aún más nuestras acciones de marketing." -Ankit Khemka, Group Head Social Media y Móvil, Linio

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AWOK Scales up With Dynamic Image Templates and Feed-Based Ads


AWOK Scales up With Dynamic Image Templates and Feed-Based Ads

7x increase in sales conversions and 1.4x increase in ROI is UAE's trend-setting online shopping website. It's the home to low and exclusive discounted prices on electronic products and home appliances. With its own fleet of delivery vans, they deliver any order within 24 hours.

Using Dynamic Product Ads and Dynamic Image Templates, Awok achieved 2x increase in marketing volume, 7x increase in sales conversions and 1.4x increase in ROI.

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Westwing – The Cross-Device Challenge


Westwing – The Cross-Device Challenge

Making every home a beautiful home

Westwing is a leading international ecommerce company for home and living, offering its customers the latest trends in home décor and furnishing products at exceptional prices. Westwing is active in 15 markets on 3 continents and is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

Westwing's goal was to drive mobile app installs, with the ultimate goal of driving signups and sales through desktop. It also wanted to track, analyse and understand its customers’ cross-device behaviour between mobile and desktop.

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Carmudi – Towards marketing automation



Carmudi – Towards marketing automation

83% decrease in cost per acquisition with dynamic product ads

Carmudi, a Rocket Internet company, is an international automotive marketplace for cars and motorcycles. With operations in 20 countries, it relies strongly on digital marketing, including Facebook advertising, to reach and engage its customers.

Carmudi wanted to increase the number of leads generated and improve its advertising performance. Together with Facebook Marketing Partner, it took advantage of a new Facebook product:
dynamic product ads.

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Hopper - Managing Hundreds of Daily Deals Ads 

Travel app Hopper automates ad creation and management with 

Hopper is an award-winning flight booking app that predicts the future of airfare. Users enter their preferred destination and dates, and the app will tell if it is the right time to buy. Thanks to their automation success partnering with, a small team has been able to expand their user acquisition channels from one to 15 without having to hire more people.

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Travix – Rapid Growth With Dynamic Retargeting and Dynamic Image Templates

With the help of, Travix increased their sales by 400% in six months. helped Travix implement feed-based retargeting on Facebook and move from FBX to Dynamic Ads for Products since it offers better omnichannel tracking possibilities than FBX. To make their flight ads look even more relevant and personal, Travix used’s Dynamic Image Templates for mass customization.

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Skyscanner – Automates Growth with

Skyscanner – Automates Growth with

146% increase in marketing volume and 27% decrease in CPA

Skyscanner is a global travel search engine that compares over 1000 airlines and millions of routes to find you the cheapest flights and best deals on hotels and car rentals, fast.

"Smartly has been simply outstanding in our opinion. Their team is VERY technical, and is updating/adding features very frequently. We've been amazed by the speed and reliability of Smartly." -Filippo Ciurria, Senior Social Media Manager, Global, Skyscanner

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Musement - Optimize Smartly

-50% CPI overtime using’s optimization features compared with other channels

“By creating Facebook campaigns through the use of Smartly's technology we've been able to achieve our CPI target value and increase the overall performance of our App Install strategy. It's also fair to say that the quality of the audience reached on Facebook is far higher when compared to other channel audiences.”
Fabio Zecchini, Co-Founder, Musement

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TravelBird – Scaling Smartly

TravelBird – Scaling Smartly

17.2x increase in marketing volume and 2.8x increase in ROI

Every day, TravelBird offers competitively priced online holiday deals in 17 different countries. These deals vary from city trips to amusement park tickets and sun holidays. TravelBird selects the best offers to bring the customer the ultimate travel experience. Their aim is to surprise and inspire you through a customised and diversified holiday offering.

"With Automated Ads, we cut the time spent in campaign creation by 75%, saving 15 hours every week. Combined with Dynamic Image Templates, it automates our workflow even further and enables us to actively engage with many more travelers." -Mark de Louw, Global Online Marketeer, TravelBird

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Financial Services


IQ Option - Lower and Analyze Your CPA Levels Running Campaigns Across Facebook and Instagram

3.77% lower CPA (cost per mobile app install) solely with the Placement Optimization feature

IQ option wanted to drive installations of their mobile app, but had issues with both the CPA levels and delivery on Instagram. IQ Option wanted to isolate the impact of Placement Optimization and tested that feature with an Ad Study.

Instagram offers an ad product that allows brands to run a campaign across both Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, the ad is optimized to show on the placement that gets you the most clicks to your app or website at the lowest cost.

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Boosting Performance With Lead Ads

80% lower cost per lead

VivaReal, Brazil's largest real estate portal, wanted to increase the quality and number of leads resulting from their Facebook campaigns. Their ads have loads of information on freshly introduced properties and VivaReal wanted to ensure they collected contact details from everyone interested.

" was an extremely important piece in automating our campaign creation process. Through its unique tools, the campaigns were set up quickly and efficiently, making it possible to work with many creatives, forms and different segmentations."
Luca Migliore, Performance Marketing Analyst at VivaReal

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Recorde de leads

80% de redução no custo por lead

Para aumentar o cadastro de informações, o VivaReal usou o formato de Anúncio de leads em celulares e smartphones no Facebook para clientes interessados em imóveis e conseguiu o melhor resultado de sua história.

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Lamudi – Multi-Product Ad Case Study


Lamudi – Multi-Product Ad Case Study

63% increase in click-through rate and 24% decrease in cost per acquisition

Lamudi, a Rocket Internet company, is a digital real estate marketplace that helps people find flats, apartments, and houses for sale and for rent online. With operations in 30 countries, Lamudi relies heavily on digital marketing, including Facebook advertising, to reach and engage its customers.

Lamudi wanted to achieve new leads via its website and improve its advertising performance. Together with, it turned to a new Facebook product: multi-product ads.

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Fravéga - Localized Advertising to Drive Offline Sales

Measuring the omnichannel impact of Facebook advertising 

Electronics retailer Frávega ran a controlled test where two specific stores were geo-targeted with Local Awareness ads optimized for reach with special offers in the smartphone category. They got up to 3% lift in weekly sales for the test stores. 

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Anton Sport –  Connecting Online and Offline for Higher Sales 

Using data from offline sales for campaign measurement, optimization and targeting 

The high-end sporting equipment retailer used Facebook’s Offline Conversion API to better marry the data it collects online and offline, resulting in a more tailored ad campaign and a 42% increase in year-over-year revenue. Read the Case Study




MIX – Hyper Localized Advertising, Automated at Scale

Targeting people near the kiosks with weather-specific creatives

MIX is a chain on kiosks serving snacks like hot dogs and milkshakes with 150 kiosks around Norway. Conventional targeting alternatives on Facebook provide a way to find the interesting consumer profiles to target, but for the ads to be able to drive traffic to the kiosks they should be targeted to people who can access them.

The solution resulted in automated, hyper localized, and weather-customized ads across the MIX kiosk network in Norway.

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Foodpanda – Multi-Product Ad Case Study

Foodpanda – Multi-Product Ad Case Study

219% increase in click-through rate and 46% decrease in cost per order

Foodpanda is a global online food delivery marketplace operating in more than 40 countries across five continents. The service allows users to select from local restaurants and place orders via the website or mobile app. The service includes more than 30,000 restaurants globally.

Utilizing the tool and its multi-product ad format, Foodpanda increased the click-through rate by 219% and decreased the cost per order by 46%.

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Entertainment & Media 

vuclip_casestudy_header.pngVuclip - Bringing Campaign Management In-house


Vuclip is a mobile video on demand service for emerging markets with more than 7 million subscribers in the APAC region. Vuclip brings to subscribers a catalogue of more than 1 million titles, including Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV shows, sports, news and music videos.



Working with, Vuclip was able to bring their paid social marketing in-house with only a few key employees coordinating their campaigns and overall performance. Read how naming conventions, custom metrics and automated budget management saved them time. 


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MUBI – Scaling Up With


MUBI – Scaling Up With

Watch and discover movies

MUBI is a curated video-on-demand streaming service focussing on cult, classic and award-winning cinema. Every day MUBI's in-house film experts hand-pick a brilliant new film and members have 30 days to watch it. MUBI is available in 193 countries around the world on the web, mobile, games consoles and connected TVs.

The figures speak for themselves: marketing volume was increased by 2239 % while maintaining positive return on investment.

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mcdonalds_screenshot_ad.pngMcDonald's Personalized Brand Advertising 

Targeting people near McDonald's restaurants with weather-specific creatives 

How to keep creative interesting for the new summer desserts menu throughout the season while maximising campaign reach? 



Using’s Automated Ads, McDonald’s agency was able to target their ads based on location and local weather data to cities with McDonald’s restaurants. The solution resulted in automated, personalized, and weather-customized ads easily scaled across McDonald's 65 restaurants in Finland. 







On the left: the sunny version of their ad for Caramel Frappés with the copy "Frappé is part of summer." 


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Jellyfish Agency - Efficiencies Through Automation

43% More Leads With 27% Lower Cost Per Lead

Jellyfish is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency. One of their clients, a leader in online education, partnered with them for all of their paid media efforts and online presence.

They decided to automate budget management after challenges began to arise with large ad volumes and hundreds of different degrees to advertise: “We needed to adjust ad set budgets within each campaign based on performance. With around 1,000 active prospecting ad sets, this was a tedious process and could not be completed as frequently as we would have liked.” recalls Laura Mittelmann, Senior Paid Social Specialist at Jellyfish.



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We Effect – Multi-Product Ad Case Study


We Effect – Multi-Product Ad Case Study

375% increase in website traffic and 48% increase in sales

We Effect is a Swedish non-profit organisation that focuses on rural development, housing, and gender equality. Their summer campaign focused on using Facebook to reach potential donors and display their products using the new multi-product ads in news feeds on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The campaign was run by OMD using Smartly’s ad management tool. OMD was among the first of Smartly’s customers to utilize the new multi-product ad format. With the help of Smartly's extensive online support, OMD was able to quickly launch the multi-product ad campaign for their client We Effect. Download the Case Study



pet_paradise.jpgTreasureHunt - Launching a New Mobile Game

15% higher lifetime value than previous campaigns

The mobile games studio Treasure Hunt worked with and used mobile app install ads and vertical video ads to launch its game Pet Paradise, bringing in players with a 15% higher lifetime value than previous campaigns.

The automated optimization launch strategy generated 

21% lower cost per install, 9% higher conversion rate and 15% higher lifetime value.