Achieve better campaign performance and business results with a single workflow. 

Quickly Generate and Optimize Creative

Automate your creative production with Gen AI and offer personalized experiences on social media, video and display that will engage your target audience.

  • Image and video templates
  • Dynamic creative optimization
  • Build, scale and repurpose creative across channels and formats

Effortlessly Execute Media Campaigns

Launch multiple campaigns at on social media and Google once. Manage and update ad groups with automated workflows - no manual work needed.

  • Centralized campaign management in one platform
  • Automated campaign workflows
  • Predictive algorithms to optimize bids and budgets

Instantly Improve Performance with Intelligence

See your data in a single platform across channels. Integrate 3rd party data and build a dashboard that helps you to optimize and learn what is working for you.

  • Dynamic pivot table reporting dashboards
  • 3rd and 1st party data integrations to visualize source of truth data in real time
  • Automated ad rotation and fatigue prediction

Smartly by the Numbers


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42 mins

Saved Every Hour Using Smartly*

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Go from Idea to Ad with AI

Smartly has been at the forefront of AI-powered creative and campaign innovation. We recognize that traditional marketing solutions are no longer sufficient to reach and engage consumers in today’s competitive landscape. Generative AI and other AI technologies can help.

  • Immediate Creative Scaling
  • Improve Creative Performance
  • Access Ad Intelligence

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Manual workload stalls innovation

revenue increase

Repetitive campaign management tasks across multiple platforms prevents brands from engaging in higher-value initiatives such as executing new ideas, testing new advertising solutions or strategies, etc.

Reach Smartly focuses on campaign automation and consistent workflows, enabling brands to be more agile managing and launching even the most complex campaigns.

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Tap into the Power of Gen AI for Creative

cost savings

Creative is becoming increasingly important as a performance lever. Brands don’t have enough creative variation, lack creative insights, or fail to build an iterative, data-driven process.

AI can assist marketers with automating repetitive tasks, generating creative content, and personalizing experiences. Generative AI can help marketers save time, improve efficiency, and increase engagement. What used to take weeks, can now take minutes to create personalized experiences across channels.

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Data discrepancies hinder performance

market share

In-platform data differs from internal sales or conversion data, making optimizing within and across campaigns extremely difficult and often inaccurate.

Smartly connects multiple data points, visualizes it in one interface and encourages action with AI insights, which allows you to know – not guess – what will drive performance in your creative. 

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Powering Beautifully Effective Ads Across Verticals

Foot Locker's Gen AI Initiative Results in a 28% Drop in CPA

"Smartly’s Gen AI has been a game changer as it enables the personalization of the lower funnel creatives and provides a consistent creative approach across the full funnel.”

Nikolay Zelyamov
Manager Programmatic & Paid Social EMEA

Emma Sleep's New Era of Creative with Generative AI

How Börlind slashed CPO by 50% Partnering with GroupM and Smartly 

Smartly’s Managed Services Team Helps Uber Eats Increase ROAS 30% by Revamping Paid Social Strategy

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Discover How Smartly Can Elevate Your Team’s Creative Innovation

"By using Smartly’s platform we could not just speed up the process of getting our campaign up and running, but we could also ensure that ads would only go live if the right conditions were met. This solution gave the best possible ad experience to our audience"
Alicia Castellana
Senior Director, Head of Media
"Smartly is making great progress into taking the lead in enabling the use of generative AI in digital advertising. Not only in creative production but across the full workflow from campaign set up and ad trafficking to reporting and creative intelligence insights back to campaign optimization."
Marialena Michailidou
Group Digital Marketing Lead
"Smartly allowed us to save time and helped us innovate on our video processes. It opened a new major chapter in our daily lives!"
Zeynep Çetin
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

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