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Smartly.io is the Most Trusted tool For Helping Brands acquire and grow customers on Facebook and Instagram.

We're your partner in  automating and optimizing  your Social marketing at scale.

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How Smartly.io Can Help You

A simple, yet powerful tool for automating Facebook & Instagram advertising

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Eliminate manual tasks, launch and clone ads quickly, and streamline your campaign management workflow.

Feed-Based Ads


Get the most out of your ad budget with our Predictive Budget Allocation, optimization triggers and A/B testing tools.



Scale your ad creation using product feeds and tools like our Dynamic Image Templates. We support all major feed types out-of-the-box and offer advanced tools to map any kind of feed. Retarget these ads based on website visitors’ behavior.



Grow your customer base by prospecting with our Automated Ads. Reach new people and show them the products that they’re most likely to buy, or automatically promote well-performing organic page posts to a larger audience.


We’re serious about great customer service

In addition to a dedicated tech-savvy Account Manager and access to our Support Center, we offer 24/5 support.

That’s right, 24/5 real-time support for technical and campaign-optimization issues. Get answers in minutes instead of days.


Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying about us

"I rarely fall in love with a partner, but the speed and quality of Smartly's work has been outstanding. It's very enjoyable to work with people who are able to deliver the value that they've been able to deliver for TechStyle. The speed with which Smartly is responding and innovating is faster than anything we could do by ourselves."
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Laura Joukovski
SVP Media + Analytics, TechStyle Fashion Group
"Smartly has been simply outstanding in our opinion. Their team is VERY technical, and is updating/adding features very frequently. We've been amazed by the speed and reliability of Smartly."
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Filippo Ciurria
Senior Social Media Manager, Global Skyscanner
"In the beginning, we sat down to discuss service expectations and they’ve been consistently meeting them ever since. Their time to market and reactivity are spectacular, making it possible to innovate together."
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Llibert Argerich
Global Director of Social and Content, eBay
"Automated Ads make it possible to advertise fast-changing offers at scale. With continuous development, Smartly.io minimizes our manual work and we have been able to focus on improving our results with the newest features always available for us to use."
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Mark de Louw
Online Marketing, TravelBird
"Dynamic Product Ad campaigns with Dynamic Image Templates outperform regular retargeting campaigns with a 3.1× click-through rate and 68% decrease in cost per action."
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Ankit Khemka
Group Head Social Media and Mobile, Linio
"Smartly.io’s automation enabled us just to “turn on” USA, without growing the team. Smartly.io’s service is essential for lean in-house teams looking for maximum efficiency in their marketing efforts.”
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Andrew Shakespeare
Business Intelligence Manager, Finery London
"Automated Ads with address targeting and integrated weather data have allowed us to create geotargeted and customized ads to 150 shops across Norway in no time. The results of the campaign have so far been very successful with very good support from Smartly.io."
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Trine Humlen
Social Media Manager, Carat

Our support is sending love

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Our thoughts on tech, online marketing & company culture


How We Scaled Our Architecture to Handle Thousands of Image Rendering Requests per Second

Automation is becoming more and more prevalent in the world of online advertising. Online shopping sites may have tens of millions of products in their product catalogs, and making ads for these products manually is simply not feasible. A key part of automation is feed-based advertising, where ads get created automatically based on files containing product information such as names, descriptions, prices, pictures and so on. This blog post describes how we built the infrastructure to handle the volume of image rendering requests our advertising automation requires.

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Step up your Dynamic Ads for Travel Game with Cross-selling and Destinations

Facebook launched Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) — its dynamic retargeting solution for the travel industry — in May 2016. Advertisers transitioning from their old Dynamic Ads for Products campaigns to the new travel-specific version have seen improvements in campaign performance following the move. DAT initially only supported advertising hotels based on user interactions on the advertiser’s website, but it was a lesser-known fact that it could be also used to intelligently cross-sell hotels to people who have interacted with flights. Now, Facebook has released destination catalog, which adds the possibility to advertise destinations and flights with DAT. This post delves into these opportunities.

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Top 3 Things that Have Made our First 3 Years Possible

Earlier this summer, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of Smartly.io together with the whole team, our families and close friends. In three years, we’ve grown from just two founders into a team of almost 90 professionals. We owe our healthy growth to three things: our amazing team, our great customers and partners at Facebook, and our ethos of maximizing learning at all times.

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