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Smartly.io automates every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity.

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Disrupting the Social Advertising Landscape

How do you engage and hold consumer attention in an increasingly competitive landscape?

See how Smartly.io combines media buying and creative automation to make it easy for marketing and creative teams to succeed.


Raise the Creative Bar

Take your static images, videos, and other creative assets to the next level. Smartly.io’s creative automation tools and templates draw on your product catalog or data sources to customize your creatives, plugging in localized offers, price and copy variations.


Move as Fast as Your Customers

Instantly publish ads across formats and social channels with Smartly.io’s tools that dynamically update your ads in real time. Smash your performance goals with predictive algorithms that automatically optimize your targeting, creatives, budgets, and bidding to ensure you reach the highest conversion rates.


See the Impossible

Make decisions backed by the data that matters to you to inform your creative direction and campaign strategy. Track performance and get actionable insights across all your channels and data sources. Build custom optimizations that suit your brand's business goals.


“Smartly.io enabled us to seamlessly build personalized videos at scale, saving significant amounts of time and efficiencies on down-funnel business metrics."

Tom Burke
Head of Demand Generation, Uber Freight

“Smartly.io has been pivotal in helping us crack and drive performance on new social channels, which was pivotal to our growth and diversification”

Aubrey Richie
VP, Customer Acquisition & Media, Techstyle

"For those considering if they should use Smartly or not, the amount of time that's saved, as well as the level of sophistication behind the changes being automated, is much greater than what one or two people on any given team can do."

Katie Freiberg
Head of Growth Marketing, Thirdlove

Certified Creative & Advertising Partner of Leading Social Platforms



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