Agency Teams

Drive Productivity and Performance For Your Clients

Get a productivity boost to manage all your clients’ campaign activities and maximize performance across channels with Smartly. We help you be the hero that delivers amazing creative and media campaigns, and optimize results for your clients.

Keep Your Agency on the Cutting Edge

The advertising game is changing. To up the ante on how your agency supports clients’ evolving requirements you need tools that create value through greater efficiency and scalability. Smartly makes it easier to deliver value to clients through scale, efficiency, and performance across channels.

Increase Client Happiness and Retention

Stay ahead for your clients with Gen AI, enhanced reporting, and a unified platform to manage all ad campaigns across creative and media, delivering unmatched performance..

Grow Your Agency Value

Agencies gain exclusive real-time insights and performance optimizations for clients across all funnel stages, enhancing planning and performance tracking

Optimize efficiencies with creative & media scaling

With Smartly, your teams can stop manually managing 100s of creatives in multiple channels or optimizing budgets, and instead focus on strategy.

Connect Walled Gardens + Open Web

Smartly provides a robust creative and media solution that combines social ad platforms and open web channels in one workspace.

How Smartly Supports Agencies

Smartly is an AI-powered advertising platform that empowers agencies to run and optimize campaigns faster, more efficiently and get impressive performance.

Make authentic and on brand Creative

Automate your creative production and offer personalized experiences that engage your target audience and drive business goals

  • Dynamic image and video editor
  • AI powered templates & feed-based automation
  • Creative intelligence tags & insights

Maximize Full-Funnel ROAS

Launch multiple campaigns and ad groups at once. Manage and update your campaigns with automated workflows with no manual work required.

  • Launch & edit multiple campaigns and ad sets across platforms
  • Predictive algorithms and automated triggers
  • Brand and performance measurement

Realize Results with Real Time Insights and Optimization

See your data in a single platform across channels. Integrate 3rd party data and build a dashboard that helps you to optimize and learn what is working for you.

  • Dynamic pivot table reporting dashboards
  • 1st party and 3rd party data integrations
  • Automated ad rotation and fatigue prediction

How to Work with Us

Partner Smarter for Better outcomes
  • Become a Client Champion:
    From pitching to scaling, we partner to drive new business and maximize your impact with clients
  • Frictionless Onboarding:
    We tailor support to each client, ensuring seamless team setup
Leverage Our Agency Enablement Program
  • Fast-Track Training:
    we accelerate training for new hires so they can serve clients, faster
  • Train-the-Trainer Approach:
    Fosters platform expertise and equips teams to serve clients independently
Access to Expertise 24/7
  • A Competitive Edge:
    Smartly Academy and Certification equips your team with in-depth platform knowledge to stand out in the market
  • Live Access to Experts:
    Our live training webinars connect you directly with Smartly product specialists

What Our Customers Say

"Smartly is saving us so much time during the whole process which means we can then put time in and actually get a more quality output for our clients."

Fabian Kietzmann

Chief Products & Services Officer

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