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Multiple channels, Multiple clients, One Platform, an award-winning advertising solution for agencies, excels in simplifying workflows across various platforms to save time and deliver impactful results for clients.

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With 98% of teams needing to activate across 8+ platforms, adapting and scaling alongside the needs of clients can challenge the most experienced teams.


20 % Performance uplift


22% of teams can’t quantify impact


60% Time Saving

Spend your time planning, not editing. Automate workflows, including marketing automation for agencies, to drive high-value outcomes that improve client retention, all on a single platform.

Drive High Value Outcomes
Campaign automation

Using cross-channel insights and optimizations such as’s unique Predictive Budget Allocation will deliver significant and measurable impact for clients.

Accelerate Top-Line Growth
Automated Ads

Differentiate your agency solution with’s proprietary AI technology, seamless integrations, and creative production tools, continue expanding reach without stretching your team.

Improve Efficiency Across Teams
Actionable reports

Automate and customize reporting to save valuable time for your teams and your clients, all while leveraging intuitive campaign management tools that increase productivity and decrease complexity

Before using Smartly, we were jumping from platform to platform for setup, reporting and trafficking, it was not efficient. Now we can just set up one campaign for several different platforms and we are able to spend 3x as much per FTE in our media spend.

Mara Dekkers

Director, Paid Social, Group M

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Ralph Lauren and serve aces by personalizing the Wimbledon shopping experience


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