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Automate campaign management across multiple platforms in a single workflow. Save time and resources while giving your team the tools to improve performance.

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Fragmentation across 8+ platforms makes it challenging for agency teams to launch campaigns and make data-driven changes in flight


98% of teams need to activate across 8+ platforms.


17% of agencies lack accurate data for social performance.


22% of agency teams can’t quantify social media impact.

Drive amazing results across platforms without adding overhead or hours

Campaign automation
Campaign automation

Spend your time planning, not editing. Decrease your manual workload by enabling automatic campaign management, optimization, and alerts with automated rules such as pausing underperforming campaigns or scaling budget for high-performing creatives.

Automated Ads
Automated Ads

Sync a data sheet, feed, or campaign launch document to to automatically create, archive, and update ads at scale based on the information and changes that occur in your source document.  Connect API’s to level up real time relevance

Actionable Reports
Actionable reports

Data without action is just noise, but with's Actionable Reports, you're able to immediately react to any trends. From the reporting view, you can quickly and easily edit bids, budgets, and statuses (individually and in bulk) - shifting away from underperformance and scaling up what's working.

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Cross-Channel Planning and Execution

We can manage your cross-channel campaigns end-to-end to hit your business goals, so you don't have to scale your headcount. We build out a strategy, streamline operations and automate processes with's proprietary AI technology.

Efficient and scalable set up

Put tech roadblocks behind you — our team integrates your data sources for optimization and measurement and streamlines your product feeds. We set up your campaigns in accordance with best practices for future in-housing success.

Optimized advertising performance

We integrate third-party sources to measure against your most important data and help you uncover actionable insights with customzied reporting. Our team ensures you meet your business goals with regular performance reviews, audits and best practice knowledge shares.

Case Studies

Under Armour leverages Cross-Border Catalog to streamline ads buying across markets


Ralph Lauren and serve aces by personalizing the Wimbledon shopping experience


Digital Advertising Trends in 2023

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