The People 

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Our Story

Back in 2013, our serial entrepreneur co-founders Tuomo Riekki and Kristo Ovaska started building automation software that would help brands launch and optimize campaigns on Facebook after seeing the challenges that some of the most advanced marketers were facing when beginning to ramp up their Facebook advertising.

Today, we help more than 600 brands from various industries to get started and scale their social advertising on Facebook, Pinterest, and Snap.

2013 Is Founded. In 2013, Kristo Ovaska and Tuomo Riekki founded and created the product's first prototype. The company started with a handful of pilot customers and became a Facebook Marketing Partner soon after its founding.

2014 expands to multiple markets and employs over ten people with the help of seed investments. At the end of the year, more than $1M ad spend flows through the platform and operations are ongoing in ten countries.


With more than 60 employees and offices in San Francisco, Berlin and Singapore, has multiplied its customer count to 500 companies and become a leading Facebook Marketing Partner.


Expansion to multiple social media platforms begins with the launch of Pinterest ad management and optimization features. With over 300 employees and offices in 16 locations, helps some of the world's largest advertisers to create, manage, and optimize their social advertising.


After introducing a new majority shareholder, Providence Equity, at the end of 2019, is well on its way to becoming the number one digital advertising platform for modern marketers. Expansion to Snapchat and investment into expanding its creative capabilities have made the leading social advertising software for both ad buying and creative teams.


Meet Some Team Members

Sheik Amanullah

Product Designer

Rebecca Ohnona

Sales Manager

Stella Tuovinen

Customer Data Scientist

Holly Gibson


Lex Yang

Pre-Sales Manager, APAC

Jose Sanchez

Head of Creative Studio

Our Culture

Nurturing and developing the culture is at the core of our future success. Living by our values helps us create value for the right customers at the right time and make the best place for the best people, leading to profitable growth in the long term.

We hope the handbook helps you understand how we work and if is a company you’d like to join or work with.

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