Performance Teams

Easier management means better results

Reaching the consumer across the fragmented walled garden is hard. Learning and measuring in a world where the user is in many places creates inconsistency and makes it impossible to know what data to trust. This disconnect from the performance data is leading to redundancy and decreased performance which ends up in few learnings and wasted funds.

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97% of marketers are running campaigns with different workflows and processes creating task duplication across 8+ platforms.


Activating and resourcing new channels is too complex and It takes up to 3 months to launch global creative campaigns.


95% of brand managers are desperate for a measurement framework for that is consistent across partners.

Smartly solves the biggest performance team problems

Focus on data

Create custom, business-specific KPIs and connect your 3rd party data to identify which creative, CTA, audience (and more) drive the strongest results.

Optimize your ad creative

Surface creative themes and trends from your historical ad library that have shown higher performance to understand your creative code and inform future briefs, shoots and campaigns.

Learn and improve your ads

Take action with machine learning-based recommendations tailored to your live ads. Automate your ad rotation based on predicted ad fatigue and performance data, and scale these learning cross-channel to unlock greater performance lift.

You’re Never in it Alone We're Your Performance Marketing Partner

Cross-Channel Planning and Execution

We can manage your cross-channel campaigns end-to-end to reach your business goals, so you don't have to scale your headcount. We build out a strategy, streamline operations and automate processes with Smartly's proprietary AI technology.

Efficient and scalable set up

Put tech roadblocks behind you — our team integrates your data sources for optimization and measurement and streamlines your product feeds. We set up your campaigns in accordance with best practices for future in-house success.

Optimized advertising performance

We integrate third-party sources to measure against your most important data and help you uncover actionable insights with customized reporting. Our team ensures you meet your business goals with regular performance reviews, audits and best practices.

Case Studies

Under Armour leverages Cross-Border Catalog to streamline ads buying across markets


Sonova saw a decrease of 9% in cost per lead and a decrease of 30% in cost per scheduled appointment with campaign automation


Digital Advertising Trends in 2023

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