We’re looking for new Humble Hungry Hunters to build a world-class product company.

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The way business is done is changing. Sales are moving online and ad budgets are shifting to platforms like Facebook, which did over $26B in ad revenue in 2016. is at the leading edge of this change.

Our platform manages billions of ad impressions each month for the largest advertisers in the world. This brings a lot of interesting technical challenges, such as "How can we quickly build analytics reports from 1B+ rows of statistics data?" And "How do we make a fast and intuitive UI to create 100+ A/B tests?"

At its heart, is a product company. We’re building tools that help our customers work smarter and grow their businesses.


Where we're Located

San Francisco


New York




How we Work

Humble Hungry Hunters

We want to be the best in the world at what we do — building a world-class product and service for our customers. The only way to succeed is to be very humble towards our customers and teammates in asking for and listening to feedback. We’re hungry to maximise learning and teach others around us.

We’re All Full Stack

We’re all T-shaped with unique deep skills in one area combined with a drive to collaborate across disciplines. Every Smartly deeply understands our product and the customers’ pain points — allowing us to truly help our customers and stay ahead of the curve. At, everyone does customer support regularly to keep up with the evolving tool and customer needs.

Everyone is an Owner

We foster transparency and trust all Smartlies to make smart decisions that benefit the company in the long run. is run by strong teams with the autonomy and responsibility to define how we reach our shared goals. At, nothing is someone else’s problem — we’re all doers with an entrepreneurial attitude.


We believe that if we want to be 10x better in what we do, simply working more hours is not the way — we must focus on impact. We automate the repetitive manual work for both our customers and ourselves to maximise the output. Working smarter, not harder, allows us to nurture a healthy work-life balance and support well-being within the team.

Meet Our People

Our team is more than 100 strong. We’re an interesting and accomplished mix of folks including a jazz pianist, a former poker pro, many startup founders, ex-investment bankers & management consultants, parents of young children, account managers with amazing coding skills and developers with ambitious open source side projects.

So far we have team members from 15 nationalities. We want to be the best and nicest place for the most talented people to work, learn and grow.

Perks of Working At

  • TeamBest and brightest teammates
  • FridayFriday demos and beer
  • SalaryCompetitive salaries + option plans
  • OfficeCool office space in downtown
  • VacationFull five weeks of paid vacation
  • MedicalFree medical services
  • BreakfastWeekly breakfasts
  • IphoneGet your own iMac/Air/MBP + iPhone
  • TravelTravel all around the world

Open Positions

We have Customers team positions open in all our locations - Helsinki HQ, Berlin, Singapore, San Francisco and New York. Our Engineering team is based out of Helsinki, but there are opportunities for travel and developer rotations to our other offices. The locations of other positions vary according to the needs of the role. You can see more details from the job descriptions.


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