We aspire to be the best place to work for growth-minded people

We offer growth-minded people opportunities to make an impact in a fast-paced, collaborative and inclusive environment built on a culture of trust, transparency, and feedback. You’ll work with a team of 650+ Smartlies, representing 60+ nationalities. We operate in 13 countries across 24 locations.

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Our Values

Living by our values helps us create value for the right customers at the right time and make Smartly the best place for the growth-minded people, leading to profitable growth in the long term.

Work Smartly

We make decisions nimbly, automate manual work and execute with speed as a habit. Working smarter, not harder, allows us to take care of our wellbeing and productivity in the long run.

Act Customer First

All our decisions are inspired by providing long-term value to our customers. We understand their needs by working closely with them and collaborate across teams and functions to solve their trickiest problems.

Build Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful team and a must for fast decision-making and candid feedback. We builld trust by holding ourselves and each other accountable for our actions and decisions. If trust is broken, we go out of our way to restore it.

Maximize Learning

We learn fastest by boldly going for the biggest challenges — if we fail, we make sure to learn from it, teach others, and set the bar even higher on the next try. We champion radically candid feedback to help each other improve.

Practice Radical Candor

We engage with respectful and constructive feedback, seek to give and receive feedback regularly to level up our ways of working, both internally and with external stakeholders.

Take Ownership

Nothing is someone else's problem — we act as owners and work towards common goals as one big team. We optimize for the success of the whole company, not just our own.

Our Culture

Our culture is built on trust, transparency and feedback, which has always been the secret sauce of our growth. It defines how we aspire to build our product, whom we hire and reward, and how we work towards a shared vision. Our culture is why our customers and employees choose us and stay with us.

The true Smartly spirit is to be humble hungry hunters. We're humble yet ambitious to become the best in what we do. We're hungry to win — we experiment relentlessly and make bold decisions to stay ahead of the curve.

Together, we want to create and maintain an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and heard. Success is achieved when teams are genuinely diverse in experiences, backgrounds, and thoughts. Celebrating our differences and maximizing learning from them builds trust and enhances creativity and innovation.

At Smartly, you can enjoy the freedom to harmonize work and personal life. We work based on a hybrid model which includes two days a week at the office and three days as your preferred setup: onsite or remote. As a global organization, we are mindful about collaborating in ways that allow everyone, everywhere to be productive and feel included.

Learn more from our Culture Handbook!

Culture Handbook

Our Teams

Our 650+ Smartlies work across teams and functions to shape the future of digital marketing and solve even the trickiest of problems our customers may encounter.

Product Development

Product Development is one of the most vital functions at Smartly. But what are we building here exactly? A Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that highly advanced advertisers use to create, manage, and optimize their campaigns and ad creatives at scale.

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Our Commercial function consists of our Sales, Customer Success, Services, Implementation and Partnerships teams. Responsible for the customer journey, the different teams work to acquire new customers and build trust and grow our existing customers, as well as ensure smooth collaboration with our platform and tech partners.

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People & Operations

Our People function helps in creating high performing teams, and acts as a strategic partner creating the best employee experience that fuels company success. Operations involve workplace experience management and effective tech support.

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Our Marketing function is responsible for building awareness about the brand, driving demand and adoption, understanding the evolving needs of our customers, and strenghtening our brand's position in the market of digital advertising technology.

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Finance & Legal

Finance & Legal at is responsible for establishing and maintaining administrative systems and procedures to support the smooth running of our operations. They provide business insight to promote efficient use of resources, and ensure that appropriate compliance & control mechanisms are in place.

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Our Benefits

We believe company growth and individual benefits go hand in hand. We pride ourselves in creating and maintaining an inclusive working environment with the best employee perks. Explore what we have to offer.

Employee Health and Wellness Is a Priority

We firmly believe that health and wellbeing are key to our success. That's why we provide a variety of benefits that contribute to holistic wellbeing. Smartlies are offered generous healthcare packages* that aim to support physical health, along with mental health services that help in coping with everyday issues.

*plans may differ by country

Total Rewards Approach to Compensation

We value efforts that positively impact our growth, and we are intentional about measuring success. Smartlies' contributions are rewarded through compensation and benefits programs, as well as career development opportunities. We have bonus programs and annual performance reviews in place.

Hybrid Workplace and Allowance to Work from Abroad

We follow a hybrid working model that includes two days per week at the office and the remaining three days as a personal preference, may that be remote or onsite. Smartlies also have the possibility to work anywhere in the world for up to 30 days or work at a Smartly location for up to 60 days each year.

Options Granted: Everyone Is an Owner

We provide a company equity options program for all new hires. Our options’ vesting is based on 50% time with accelerator component and 50% company performance. On top of that, we reward exceptional performance with additional grants approved by the leadership team. At Smartly, everyone is an owner.

Work Life Balance Is Encouraged

We respect and value that life also happens outside working hours. We firmly believe Smartlies can be their best only when they also have time to rest, relax, and recharge. Hence we strongly encourage taking time off and enjoy paid holidays, OOO time and family leaves.

Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Maximize Learning is one of our company values which serves as the base for advocating for professional growth. In our culture which is built on trust, transparency and feedback, we aim to support and elevate Smartlies by learning on the job, continuous feedback, self-development, trainings, and mentoring.

Engineering at Smartly

Engineering and product development are vital functions at Smartly. How do they work and how are they designed? Browse through this page to find out.

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