Jukka Heinonen

Engineer.io— A Day of Learning and Teaching for Developers

By Jukka Heinonen on December 8, 2016

Recently, we packed our 30-person developer team into a bus and drove them into the middle of nowhere for a one-day offsite. We wanted to take ourselves out of the day-to-day working environment, and focus on learning—and teaching—new skills and knowhow. Smartly.io’s first ever Engineer.io was a success.

Miikka Holkeri

Step up your Dynamic Ads for Travel Game with Cross-selling and Destinations

By Miikka Holkeri on November 3, 2016

Facebook launched Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) — its dynamic retargeting solution for the travel industry — in May 2016. Advertisers transitioning from their old Dynamic Ads for Products campaigns to the new travel-specific version have seen improvements in campaign performance following the move.

DAT initially only supported advertising hotels based on user interactions on the advertiser’s website, but it was a lesser-known fact that it could be also used to intelligently cross-sell hotels to people who have interacted with flights. Now, Facebook has released destination catalog, which adds the possibility to advertise destinations and flights with DAT. This post delves into these opportunities.

Juuso Mäyränen

How We Scaled Our Architecture to Handle Thousands of Image Rendering Requests per Second

By Juuso Mäyränen on October 26, 2016

Automation is becoming more and more prevalent in the world of online advertising. Online shopping sites may have tens of millions of products in their product catalogs, and making ads for these products manually is simply not feasible. A key part of automation is feed-based advertising, where ads get created automatically based on files containing product information such as names, descriptions, prices, pictures and so on. This blog post describes how we built the infrastructure to handle the volume of image rendering requests our advertising automation requires.

Matti Junila

Festive Season Insights for South East Asia

By Matti Junila on October 14, 2016

The biggest sales season of the year has already kicked off - the festive season! In South East Asia the season starts quite early and consists of many big sales days, like Singles Day on November 11th, Double Twelve on December 12th and of course Christmas, December 25th. Here are our tips to make it a successful one.

Ilona Pitkänen

Smartly.io Summer Squad 2017 — why should you join?

By Ilona Pitkänen on October 7, 2016

Last summer saw the first ever Smartly.io Summer Squad, when Antti, Anton, Arash Roope and Siiri joined the team. Now, we're looking for brilliant young talents to squad up for 2017. We’ve collected a few questions and answers on Summer Squad that you might want to check out. Hope you find these useful and they provide an extra pinch of motivation to apply!

Kristo Ovaska

Why Fly 89 Employees to Greece — the Futur.io Offsite

By Kristo Ovaska on September 28, 2016

Four times a year Smartly.io hosts Futur.io, an all-hands strategy day where we discuss and make decisions about how we can reach our goals of creating a world-class product and service for our customers, and building a flourishing company culture. Two weeks ago, the Smartly.io teams from Helsinki, Berlin, San Francisco, New York and Singapore were reunited under the Greek sun for our first 2-day Futur.io Offsite.

Siiri Hakulinen

Maximizing learning at Smartly.io — Miikka’s story

By Siiri Hakulinen on September 12, 2016

When Smartly.io opened its first overseas office in San Francisco last fall, Miikka was one of the first Smartlies to start working on opening North and Latin American markets for the company. We sat down for lunch and a chat in Hayes Valley, and Miikka shared his story — a story that rather perfectly illustrates how quickly you get responsibility and how fast you can grow at Smartly.io.

Miikka joined the company about a year ago as a 24-year-old Industrial Engineering and Management master's student, with a heart beating for tech and code, and a wish to learn sales and marketing. Before joining Smartly.io, he worked as a developer and Scrum Master for a small company for two years alongside studies. “There I realized that in smaller, agile teams, you have less bureaucracy and overhead, and you get more responsibility. Once I started eyeing other opportunities, I was determined to find a place where I could develop quickly through fast execution and challenging projects.”

Jose Kantola

Advanced matching in Facebook Pixel - what and why?

By Jose Kantola on September 4, 2016

Facebook launched an advanced matching feature in their conversion pixel (known as the Facebook Pixel) that enables you to send your customer data through the pixel to match more website actions with Facebook users. Why should you, as an advertiser, get excited and implement it right away? I’ll explain this in more detail below, but in a nutshell, it improves your ability to track conversions and can increase advertising reach by 5-25%!

Jose Kantola

Smartly.io in Asia - Opportunities to Grow with a Global Ad Tech Company

By Jose Kantola on August 25, 2016

 Smartly.io is a global company powered by 90 employees in 5 offices, covering 4 continents: Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. To better serve our customers in Asia, we opened an office in Singapore early this year. Now, we’re in search of business talents to join our growing team of four in Singapore.

Asia-Pacific is a compelling market for any online advertising company. It’s the world’s leading retail ecommerce market and the number of Facebook Monthly Active Users in the area is increasing quickly. Smartly.io started serving customers in Asia in September last year. First, we handled the customer relations from our HQ in Helsinki, but by the end of the year, the number of our customers in Southeast Asia had grown too big to handle across 5 time zones. As Smartly.io is all about quality customer service, we decided to open an office in Singapore to be able to serve our customers better.

Kristo Ovaska

Top 3 Things that Have Made our First 3 Years Possible

By Kristo Ovaska on August 8, 2016

Earlier this summer, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of Smartly.io together with the whole team, our families and close friends. In three years, we’ve grown from just two founders into a team of almost 90 professionals. We owe our healthy growth to three things: our amazing team, our great customers and partners at Facebook, and our ethos of maximizing learning at all times.