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Siiri Hakulinen

Why Our CTO Spends 50% of His Time on the Road

By Siiri Hakulinen on February 16, 2018

Smartly.io's Founder and CTO Tuomo Riekki, who was recently included in Forbes 30 under 30 Europe, spends most of his time in the front line of Smartly.io’s business, traveling to meet customers and prototyping new product initiatives to solve their pain points. In this blog post, he explains why being close to customers is both a core company value and his favorite part of the job.

Christine Göös

Facebook Advertising Trends 2018

By Christine Göös on February 15, 2018

What does Facebook have in store for advertisers in 2018? Last month the social behemoth dropped quite the news bomb with it’s News Feed algorithm changes, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. At Smartly.io we’re expecting this year to be an eventful and exciting one for advertisers. Read on to uncover our predictions for 2018 and what you should gear up for if you rely on acquiring and growing customers or your brand across the Facebook ecosystem.

Anssi Rusi

How to Make the Most of Having All Your Company’s Brain Power in the Same Place at the Same Time?

By Anssi Rusi on February 2, 2018

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We kicked off 2018 with an international strategy offsite with the whole Smartly.io team. It was a week of bonding with colleagues, shaping our long term vision, and setting goals for the next 6 months in sunny Gran Canaria. One of the highlights was a hackathon where Smartlies from different offices and teams joined forces to solve problems and build prototypes to improve our product and service to our customers.

Terho Laakkonen

Build Beautiful, Interactive Reports Easily With Google Data Studio and Smartly.io

By Terho Laakkonen on January 30, 2018

Reporting campaign results is often cumbersome and time-consuming, especially if you work in an agency and manage multiple clients. It often takes multiple manual steps to build a report  – much of it could and should be automated to free up time for more productive work.

Jose Sanchez

Improving Performance With Creative

By Jose Sanchez on January 24, 2018

At Smartly.io, we collaborate closely with  our customers to discuss data, automatization, complex customer journeys, and many other types of metrics and optimization set-ups. During these sessions, we share our best practices on automation, hands-on strategies, and ad placement recommendations so that our customers can spend their budgets efficiently. What role does creative play in the mix?

Jukka Heinonen

Highlights from Smartly.io DevTalks — Tackling Complexity in Software and Teams

By Jukka Heinonen on January 24, 2018

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Last November, we hosted the first ever Smartly.io DevTalks and brought together 80 experienced engineers from the Helsinki tech scene. Discussion revolved around complexity in software and engineering teams and how to fight it. Speakers included MPJ from Fun Fun Function, Sami Honkonen from Boss Level Podcast, and our own VP of Engineering Otto Hilska. Big thanks to all visitors and speakers!

Jose Kantola

Advertise to People, Not Funnel

By Jose Kantola on January 10, 2018
Based on our proprietary data, more than 30% of Facebook ad spend is currently optimized towards ‘Post Engagement’ and ‘Website Clicks’ objectives. In other words, towards objectives that do not drive direct revenue for most businesses.

Laura Chamberlain

How Airbnb & Yelp Test and Measure on Facebook for Optimal Advertising Performance — Recap from Smartly Connect SF

By Laura Chamberlain on January 4, 2018

Smartly Connect events are exclusive evening seminars that bring together the brightest minds in digital advertising. In late October, we invited some customers and partners to Hotel VIA in San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood for talks, panels, and networking. For those that missed the event, don’t worry! We’ve compiled some interesting highlights and insights below.

Siiri Hakulinen

Can Self-Organization Work or Is It Just a Myth? Panel Discussion with Smartly.io CEO Kristo at Slush

By Siiri Hakulinen on December 20, 2017

On day 1 of Slush 2017, our co-founder and CEO Kristo joined a panel discussion on self-organizing teams with Niklas Jansen  co-founder of Blinkist, Vishal Vasishth co-founder of Obvious Ventures, and Marianne Vikkula CEO of Slush. They talked about the building blocks of efficient self-organization — and debated whether self-organizing teams need leadership or not.

Jukka Heinonen

We’re Looking for Ambitious Programmers — Apply to Smartly Squad 2018!

By Jukka Heinonen on December 18, 2017

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