Generate High Quality Creative for Google Demand Gen Campaigns

October 10, 2023
Andy Devey is excited to have worked with Google to launch Demand Gen campaigns for our global buyers. Customers will benefit from localized creative variations, asset management and data connectivity amongst other features on the Smartly integrated platform.  

Demand Gen Campaigns offer a set of unique features designed especially for the needs of today’s social marketers. Research shows that 91% of consumers took action immediately after discovering new products or brands on Google feeds, like Discover or Gmail. With Demand Gen, your best-performing video and image assets are integrated across our most visual, entertainment-focused touchpoints — YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover and Gmail. These products reach over 3 billion monthly users as they stream, scroll and connect.

By optimizing for conversions, as well as Maximize clicks bidding, you can create deeply relevant campaigns based on your goals that spur the right action at the right moment. For instance, you might choose to drive conversions with existing customers by offering them a discount on a new product line. Or, you could generate demand by driving new lookalike audiences to your site with a special offer to join your brand’s subscription program.

“We see a huge difference in the auction performance when the creative that we use is high quality and compelling” Vidhya Srinivasan VP & GM in Google Ads (Search Ads & Ads on Google Experiences) at Google Marketing Live

To learn more about for Google Demand Gen and how it can help you achieve your marketing goals, reach out to your representative. 


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