How Foot Locker Stepped Into a Gen AI Marketing Journey

April 11, 2024
Amanda Batista

Retail performance marketers face the constant challenge of scaling creative content swiftly to keep pace with rapidly shifting trends and shopper behaviors. Staying ahead of the customer experience curve requires a cohesive and consistent brand experience across channels, thus taxing retail brand marketers with a greater onus to elevate the creative advertising process across all channels.  

Athletic footwear and apparel retailer Foot Locker, stepped ahead of the pack to enhance their scalability and expansion efforts for their ad creative and production process. 

Check out the video case study below for a look behind the curtain to see how Foot Locker tapped into the power of Gen AI to  achieve a remarkable 32% increase in CTR, and slashed CPA. 

See how Foot Locker harnessed the power of Gen AI to create more than 10,000 captivating product ads, suited for platform imperatives, with a simple click. 


The Guide to Gen AI for Digital Advertising Excellence


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