Out With The Old, In With The New: Build Faster Campaigns With Smartly Workspaces

December 15, 2023
Tyler Thomas

Imagine a faster, more efficient way to work with multiple campaigns across accounts with powerful automation options that don’t sacrifice the quality of your campaign structure. Look no further. Smartly Workspaces is the next generation of our Media Automation platform, replacing the Smartly Legacy campaign creation platform. We’re improving the way you build campaigns, offering an easy-to-use experience that will reduce execution time to just a few minutes. While it is only available for Meta right now, it will soon be available for all platforms Smartly supports.

In this blog, we’ll break down the benefits of Smartly Workspaces and why you should be using it now to build your campaigns:

Manage your campaigns faster than ever before

Smartly Workspaces makes the execution phase a piece of cake, offering a fast way to manage your campaigns by reducing manual work. You’ll be able to simply build, edit, and manage multiple campaigns in a single Workspace and can launch those campaigns all at the same time. By cloning your campaigns and adsets, and utilizing autosave and re-unable templates when creating new campaigns, you can get tasks done in minutes that normally take days.

Let powerful automation do all the work

You can never go wrong with having automation by your side. With Smartly Workspaces, you can shorten the execution phase by setting up data sources to automate your campaigns, ad sets, and ad configurations. You can even review your campaign structure early in the creation process before anything goes live, so you’re cutting down your team’s workload and making time for them to do other tasks.

Launch campaigns with confidence

Before launch, it’s always best to review your campaign set-up to make sure everything is ready to go live. Brand safety is high on our importance list and with Smartly Workspaces, you can ensure that your brand’s reputation is protected with a detailed review stage where you can resolve any potential campaign issues. Any campaign creation by the automated feed rows and fields can be reviewed to ensure changes in your campaign are desired and approved.

Why you should be using Smartly Workspaces for Meta right now

Smartly Workspaces is the future of our campaign management platform. It won’t just be for Meta, we’re planning to expand this experience across all our supported social platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, Google, Pinterest, etc in 2024. We recommend getting familiar with Smartly Workspaces for Meta so that you can easily create and manage your campaigns without rushing to learn it when it's live across our platforms. 

Currently, our customers who have used Smartly Workspaces have raved about it making a positive impact on their campaign creation experience.

We hope you’re just as excited as them to build campaigns on Smartly Workspaces and remember, any feedback while you use the platform will go towards shaping the product when it launches on all social platforms next year. Reach out to your Smartly representative and start building your campaigns on Smartly Workspaces today!


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