TotallyMoney Saves 17 hours of Manual Work per Week

TotallyMoney, whose mission is to improve the UK’s credit score, reduced their paid social analysis and reporting time by 17 hours per week by using’s cross account Pivot Tables with personalized views and custom metrics.

1 Challenge

How to Manage Multiple Ad Accounts

TotallyMoney was managing multiple ad accounts and trying to analyze creative variations, audience segments, and various conversion points. They were also scaling the activity in line with the fast-growing business, which meant spending hours in Excel, manually creating reports. 

Switching between the different ad accounts with their relative metrics was becoming increasingly difficult for TotallyMoney.  Additionally, they used different reports depending on whether it was weekly, monthly, day to day, or ad-hoc analysis. The set-up was time-consuming and inefficient as they had to constantly switch between the reports or create a new one every time.

2 Solution

Agile Analyzing and Optimizing with's Pivot Tables

With’s Pivot Tables, TotallyMoney was able to be more agile with analyzing and optimizing in multiple ways:

  1. TotallyMoney saved views that could be shared across teams and updated automatically upon login.

  2. They could create and hide weekly and monthly reports in tabs to keep reporting clear and simple.

  3. They applied changes to bids, budgets & status straight from the reporting view.

  4. They found comparing dates a really useful feature as it’s something they often report on and use for optimization.

  5. Stacked views allowed them to easily drill down through the details where necessary.

  6. They created reports that automatically go to customer service and data teams (a one time manual job saves many hours)

  7. Cross-account reporting allowed them to report on old and new accounts simultaneously.

  8. The quick view graphs are absolutely invaluable and a total time saver. TotallyMoney was able to visualize data with one click rather than having to create and export for a simple analysis.

3 Results

Hours of Manual Work Automated

With, TotallyMoney saved time on reporting and analysis, and enabled agile campaign management and optimisation, which gave back 17 hours a week to focus on strategy, analysis and creative.

“We’ve been partnered with for two years now, and using their flexible reporting tools, we have been able to become far more agile with our Paid Social advertising. We now rarely use Excel, as most of our day-to-day analysis and optimization can be done directly within Pivot Tables."

- Molly Beake, Display Manager, TotallyMoney


Hours Saved per Week

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