Environmental Sustainability
at Smartly.io

We are devoted to carrying our responsibility in the global climate crisis and taking action to monitor, reduce and compensate for the environmental impacts of our operations.

We Are a Carbon Neutral Company

Smartly.io is a carbon neutral company and is committed to offering a carbon neutral product and service to our customers. This means that we monitor the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our operations, and reduce them as much as we can. Where we can’t reduce our emissions, we will compensate for them by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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Carbon Footprint

We follow the Greenhouse Gas Protocol when measuring our carbon footprint

We have been measuring the size of Smartly.io’s carbon footprint since 2019, taking into account all three emissions scopes and following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. As a software company, our operations don’t create any direct emissions, and our largest source of emissions is business travel, especially by air. Servers typically amount to a large emission source, but as our service provider runs our servers on green electricity, they are exempted from the carbon footprint calculation.

Decreased Emissions

Our total emissions have decreased by 47% since 2019

Since the beginning of the tracking period in 2019, our total emissions have decreased by 47%. Emissions per revenue and employee have decreased by 67% and 69% respectively, even as Smartly.io has grown its team by 73% and revenue 60% in the same time frame. The key reason behind our shrinking carbon footprint was reduced business travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently exploring ways to proactively cut our emissions, starting from our product development with sustainable code all the way to our daily operations.

Compensating Emissions

What emissions we can’t reduce, we compensate

Our portfolio of carbon capture projects covers both traditional carbon capture methods, such as forest conservation and reforestation, and innovative carbon capture methods, like soil carbon and biochar. To tackle the uncertainties in carbon capture and ensure our carbon neutrality, we overcompensate our annual emissions. So far, we have contributed to capturing over 14,000 tCO₂ from the atmosphere.

Giving Back to the Environment

We teamed up with global tree planting and care service Treebuddy.earth to plant mangrove trees in the Philippines and Indonesia: seven trees for each of our employees and our customers as a holiday gift. Our payment for each tree also guaranteed care of trees for the next five years. We were able to have a positive impact on the environment and protect biodiversity. In total, we planted 9,800 trees


Doing our part in the climate crisis and reducing emissions is a path of several actions. We already provide a carbon neutral product by offsetting our emissions. The next step is to look at product development: improve caching and use more efficient code, among others.

We Are Only Getting Started in Corporate Responsibility

We are only at the beginning of our corporate responsibility journey and strive to do better all the time. In the future, we want to be the industry leader in amplifying good and to go beyond compliance in privacy, sustainability, and corporate responsibility. If you have ideas about how we can continue to do better, we’d love to…

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