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We’re building the best product company to work for, where highly autonomous engineering teams can take full ownership of creating a world-class software platform. As an engineer at you get to tackle challenges of considerable scale and complexity. We develop our product at a fast pace and in close cooperation with the largest online businesses globally, including Uber and eBay.

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What We Do

We build tools that help our customers work more effectively. Our product is at the core of how business is done today: it allows brands grow their business online, across platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Google. We aim to automate much of the repetitive manual work to help them grow their sales, not headcount. Here you can dive deeper into some of the solutions our development teams are currently working on: Pivot Tables and Video Templates.

Video Templates — Automating Creative Work

Many of our customers sell thousands, if not millions, of products and creating advertisement videos for each product manually isn’t feasible. We created Video Templates that allow our customers automatically generate visually compelling personalized videos with a built-in video editor. Advertisers can fill a video template with product information from a CSV, XML or JSON feed and combine still and video assets to instantly create thousands of video ads.

Our team chose to build the video editor with React with Redux and Typescript. For our backend rendering service we used Node.js, Typescript and PostgreSQL. We built our rendering service as a small, independent microservice to enable fast iteration and development.

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Pivot Tables — One View to Rule Them All

What the Pivot Tables essentially aims for is to eliminate the need for Excel in running campaign performance analytics. The solution allows our customers rely on a single view to analyze high volumes of campaign data, and make changes if needed. It will become the new core of our platform and pave the way for extending to multiple platforms, like Google and Pinterest.

Pivot Tables is built using React and modern web technologies on the frontend, and using Rails and PostgreSQL on the backend. The solution aims to cover all sorts of customer use cases, which means that we’re constantly learning as we work very close to the end users. Since we only support the last two Chrome versions in the product, we can use the newest web technologies which keeps the work interesting.

Technologies We Work With


Each team chooses their technologies, while keeping in mind the operational and cross-team collaboration aspects. In practice, we work with a bunch of different technologies, but each team only needs to know a subset of them. We don’t expect anyone to know all of the technologies we use beforehand, but knowing some of them will definitely help. Generally we’re trying to get new team members to play with their strengths, and choose their first team accordingly.


React, Redux, Flow, TypeScript, Angular


Ruby, Node.js, TypeScript, Kotlin, Python, PHP

Managed Service

Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Github, ELK stack, Akka


MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, Cassandra

How We Work Together

Engineers at say they chose us thanks to the great work culture and smart colleagues. We only hire to elevate the team, not to delegate tasks, which means that everyone you work with is a true professional. We believe in self-organization, transparency and candid feedback—everyone can speak up and help make better decisions together.

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Enjoy a competitive salary + option plans.


Recharge with 5 weeks of paid annual leave and a wellness benefit.


Work with the brightest and nicest people in a self-organizing team.


Travel to meet customers and teammates across the world.


Choose your own devices.


Maximize learning with reimbursable books, conferences and courses.


Enjoy weekly breakfasts and quarterly dinners with the team.


Join team activities and clubs.


Participate in company-wide strategy offsites twice a year.


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What Next?

Our recruitment process has four steps that test the depth of your technical knowledge and your ability to make informed decisions. 

We're growing fast and hiring for a variety of profiles. We’re looking for T-shaped people, who have a good command of the basics, and be specialized in anything from databases to domain expertise, UX, agile process understanding, and so on. Our development teams have different needs, and we believe the best way to find a perfect match is through a conversation with you.

  1. First meeting: before diving deeper into your tech skills, we want to know who you are and what motivates you. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about
  2. Technical interview: we’ll discuss areas relevant to you ranging from frontend development to networks, security, and development methods. We’re trying to get a clear overview of your skills and where you could learn more.
  3. Coding exercise: we’ll be pair programming in Node environment to make sure that you can also code. Previous experience with Node.js or JavaScript is not necessarily required, as the session will be very interactive. Meet your future team to learn what they are working with.
  4. Final interview with engineering leads.

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