Automate, Create,Optimize, And Scale

Drive branding and ROI with personalized and data-driven advertising at scale.

Scale And Succeed With Automation

Drive tangible results with our automation features. Save time and effort, keep your teams lean, and cut down on manual tasks. Simplify your Facebook ad operations with automated prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

“Adding in automation tools will make your life so much easier. We tripled our ad spend without increasing our team size.”

Gerardo Castillo, Director of Customer Acquisition, Chatbooks

Save Time And Resources With Simple Workflows

Launch, clone, and bulk edit campaigns, creatives, and audiences in an instant. Whether you’re creating a simple Instagram promotion, setting up a branding campaign, or launching an extensive A/B-tested performance campaign, our intuitive interface guides you smoothly through the process.


“What I really enjoy about the platform is the ease of launch.”

Pavan Patidar, Director, Ad Operations, OrionCKB

Storytelling At Scale

Leverage a suite of creative solutions that combine creative automation, ad buying, and creative testing on a single platform. customers can automatically generate video and still creatives to fit all ad formats on Facebook and Instagram, buy the ad space in real time, and test their effectiveness to iterate.

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The fashion e-commerce saw 23% higher ROI with personalized Instagram creatives.

Drive Performance, Optimize With AI

Optimize your campaigns with’s bespoke AI solutions. Fight ad fatigue by automatically refreshing and rotating your creatives. Spend your budgets efficiently with automated features that show the ad in right place at the right time. You can even define your optimization rules with Triggers that take action based on campaign performance. Plug in third party data and optimize towards your business goals such as revenue.

“’s predictive budget allocation feature helped us scale our success in an efficient and rapid way during our annual Zalora Fashion Fever Week.“

Kaushal Balotia,
Head of Online Marketing, Zalora Group

Actionable Insights To See What Moves the Needle

Understand what works. In the platform, you can track and analyze results with Actionable Insights that grant you a holistic view of your campaign performance, even across ad accounts. Bring in your analytics data from Google, mobile measurement partners, or other third-party data providers to further enrich your analytics.

“Smartly reporting is so much more digestible and actionable than what we’d be able to do on our own.”

Amanda Claire,
User Acquisition Lead, Carousell

Innovate And Stay Ahead Of The Competition

We are known for our product development speed. As our customer, you'll enjoy first look to the newest ad formats and features before they're available anywhere else – including the Ads Manager. Adopt new ad formats and optimization solutions quickly and effortlessly to drive ROI. We develop the platform closely with our customers; your business needs could even inspire a new product feature.

“ has been simply outstanding in our opinion. Their team is very technical, and is updating and adding features very frequently."

Filippo Ciurria, Senior Social Media Manager, Global, Skyscanner


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