Social Ads Done Smartly

Work smarter, not harder. Our technology empowers you to go the extra mile by enabling you to rapidly produce, test and optimize your best-performing ads across all social channels.

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Create Smartly.

Easily design performance-driven, on-brand creatives with dynamic creative tools & templates. works with your design workflow. Take your existing creatives and run with it. Import your creatives from the Adobe Creative Suite, build them from scratch or leverage our data-backed preset templates.

Personalize your ads and save hours of time. Apply dynamic overlays to your creatives by connecting your catalog or data sources to automatically showcase pricing, localized offers, copy variations, sports API or even weather-based promos.

Stay on-brand everywhere. Store all of your assets in a shared Asset Library to use across your channels. Resize your videos to any format and seamlessly launch across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, or any other visual platform.

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Make a splash.

Easily launch campaigns and distribute your ads across multiple channels and markets all from our platform, saving you time and increasing efficiencies.

Smash your performance goals and optimize spend with triggers and predictive algorithms that automatically adjust targeting, creatives, budgets, and bidding.

Create hyper-targeted campaigns at scale using data from spreadsheets or APIs such as weather, betting odds and more with Automated Ads.

Increase productivity and scale your operations effectively with intuitive workflows, automation and macros.

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Make smarter decisions backed by data.

Our cross-channel, customized reporting integrates all of your data and turns it into real-time, actionable insights.

Maximize your performance data with exportable, customized reporting that integrates your KPIs along with your 1st and 3rd party data sources, including Google Analytics and MMP data.

Mine your numbers for insight. Analyze your campaign performance to learn what’s working and take immediate action across channels.

Find high-performing ads by understanding which creatives resonate best with your audience through systematic and modular testing.

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