Built to help your brand perform

Produce creative variations and seamlessly integrate them into your campaigns across multiple platforms.

smartly.io platform overview

The only platform that allows you to Reach, Engage and Learn across the largest media channels


Centralize cross-channel campaign management to win in a fragmented world

Launch multiple campaigns and ad groups at once. Manage and update your campaigns with automated workflows - no manual work needed.

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Stop the scroll with engaging creative

Apply brand assets and guidelines to create image and video templates. Connect your data source to the templates and create thousands of personalized ads across channels  to drive engagement and ROI.

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Measure and learn from a single point of truth

See your data in a single platform across channels. Integrate 3rd party data and build a dashboard that helps you to optimize and learn what is working for you. Get insights and unlock performance lift.

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The times are changing

You're never in it alone. We're your performance marketing partner

Our managed services team is made up of top social and digital media experts. They leverage market-leading AI technology and data to help solve your most pressing challenges — from scaling to new social platforms  to executing large product launches -- while implementing cross-platform best practices.

Cross-Channel planning and execution

Scale performance, not headcount - we can manage your cross-platform campaigns end-to-end to hit your business goals. We build out strategies, streamline operations, and automate proceeses with Smartly.io's proprietary AI technology.

Efficient and scalable set

Put tech roadblocks behind you — our team integrates your data sources for optimization and measurement, as well as streamlining your product feeds. We set up your campaigns in accordance with best practices for future in-housing success.

Optimized advertising performance

Data with a story -- using integrated data sources, we help you uncover actionable insights with customzied reproting. Our team ensures you meet your business goals with regular performance reviews, audits and best practice knowledge shares.

Smartly.io enabled [us] to seamlessly build personalized videos at scale, saving significant amounts of time and driving efficiencies.

Tom Burke
Head of Demand Generation

We don't have to go to three different platforms to see our data, making it easier to analyze and make optimizations on future decisions.

Charelle Uhlenbeck
Social Advertising Consultant

Partnering with Smartly.io has earned us more time to internally manage paid social campaigns for various stakeholders at scale.

Danny Hsiao
Lead Performance Marketer Display, Social & Video

We can produce multiple variations of brand-friendly creatives that have driven better performance across platforms.

Jeremy Savary
Traffic Manager

Using Smartly.io's flexible reporting tools, we’re far more agile…We now rarely use Excel.

Molly Beake
Display Manager

Smartly.io allowed us to save time and helped us innovate on our video processes. It opened a new major chapter in our daily lives!

Zeynep Çetin
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
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