Real-Time Reach and Frequency

Smartly Brand Pulse: Instantly Optimize Brand Campaigns

Real-Time Reach and Frequency is the industry's first and only solution that allows brand marketers to confidently measure and optimize across channels, delivering an average 79% improved spend allocation.

Industry’s First Real-Time Measurement for Brand Campaigns on Social Media

Marketers used to wait 30+ days for their campaigns to end to start the tedious manual measure of deduplicated or cumulative reach across all social campaigns. Now, with Smartly’s technology, audience panels can be accessed instantly for insights that allow for campaign optimization in flight to ensure top funnel KPIs are reached.

Act Now: Take Action in Real-Time

For the first time ever, advertisers are empowered through a consolidated view of critical metrics – including audience saturation and daily incremental reach – to make instant campaign changes to extend reach to new consumers, and optimize the right social channel mix.

Minimize Ad Waste and Avoid Fatigue

With Real-Time Reach and Frequency (RTRF) by Smartly Brand Pulse, stop wasting dollars by knowing instantly if a campaign is reaching its objectives and make adjustments to surpass goals. And with Smartly’s audience saturation tracking, we have built-in fatigue prediction to ensure audiences stay engaged with ads across all social media channels.

Impartial View of Campaign Impact Across Social Media Channels

With Smartly’s unified platform, execute end-to-end delivery across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest, view insights and actions in the same place. Now have full transparency into cross channel performance, resulting in a seamless experience with clearer results.

How it Works

Powered by Smartly, Comscore and GWI data sets, RTRF uses a combination of panel based technology and API data to provide an instant holistic view on how upper-funnel activities impact different funnel stages, allowing new customer reach, spend optimization, and maximium ROI.

1. Connect and Launch

Add all of your social media campaigns in Smartly Media, optimizing towards the goals that matter to you. Establish spend and goals across channels, and set the campaigns live with audience targeting, automated rules and dynamic creative.

2. Instantly Analyze

Set your parameters from all time, to daily performance, to understand how de-duplicated and channel specific reach and frequency builds in real time

3. Optimize and Right Size

Based on daily findings, more accurately reallocate budget or update targeting goals to avoid ad fatigue and ad waster mid flight. Ensure your brand dollars are reaching your goals.

Rich Set of Metrics

With Smartly RTRF, you can review multiple data points across all of  your social media campaigns. See how your campaigns are performing across these metrics to make informed decisions that will improve your campaign performance, including:

  • Audience Saturation & Size
  • Cost per Incremental Daily Reach
  • Cumulative Frequency, Impressions & Reach
  • Daily Incremental Reach, Frequency & Spend
  • Video Views

RTRF Benefits

Find New Audiences

Using metrics like daily incremental reach to find new consumers to engage.

Optimize Towards a Target Messaging Frequency

With daily metrics, it’s easier now to ensure your message is resonating and reaching your frequency goals.

Respond to Media Market Changes

Instead of waiting months, see instantly how the overall market is impacting your campaign, and make real-time changes.

Predict Creative Fatigue

Now with real-time data, more accurately predict when your creative will be ready to be refreshed.

Avoid Audience Saturation

Using metrics like daily incremental reach to find new consumers to engage.

Bring Together the Full Funnel

With RTRF, you can combine your daily metrics on your brand campaigns with your performance campaigns to get one full funnel view.

Brands and Agencies Rely on RTRF

"Smartly Real Time Reach and Frequency provides deduplicated reach and frequency across the major digital channels with the opportunity to optimize in real time.”

Kevin Joy

Global Performance Marketing at Uber

“Working with Smartly, on one campaign in particular we saw a 90% drop in cost per incremental reach around a key media moment.”

Emily Jeffery

Director, Paid Social, KINESSO UK&I

See It In Action

See for yourself how Real Time Reach and Frequency can empower your brand to make high impact decisions  – instantly. Speak with an expert to discuss how Smartly can advance your brand’s performance goals.