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Smartly’s workflow automation, creative tools, and robust reporting allow marketers to drive better performance on Snapchat.

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Snapchat automated ads platform

Leverage Smartly's Automated Ads to create complex campaigns in minutes

Simply connect any product catalog, data source, or API to your campaign to dynamically update targeting, budgets, ad creation, scheduling, and other manual work.

Scale Snapchat ads with

Delight your audiences with relatable, thumb-stopping content

Making ads more relevant to your target audience is vital for maximizing performance, but hard to do at scale. Customizing messaging per location or for different promotions typically requires a lot of tedious, manual work.

With Smartly, creating more relevant video and image ads at scale is easy and fast. Automated Ads is the industry-leading solution that unlocks the next level of creative personalization without sacrificing time, effort, or performance.

Snapchat creative templates

Put ad fatigue to rest and stand out from the competition

Extend the life of your visual creatives. With Smartly’s Image Templates, brands gain full creative control of Snapchat Dynamic Ads to create highly personalized, visual creatives from any data source. Customization fights ad fatigue and lets your brand stand out from the competition.

Scalable Snapchat Ads

Reduce manual work and make better decisions to drive campaign performance

Our AI-driven Predictive Budget Allocation never stops learning. Automatically allocate and optimize budgets (without manual work or delays) toward top-performing ad sets to maximize delivery and results.

Case Studies

Smartly helps FanDuel scale Snap spend 4.5X and decrease CPA by 39%


Automated Ads help DR SMILE to create 5,000 ad creative variations across six different channels


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