Flying High in 2024: Lunar New Year Digital Advertising Tips

January 4, 2024
Amanda Batista

As we embrace the Year of the Dragon in this Lunar New Year, marketers have a golden opportunity to infuse their campaigns with captivating energy. The dragon, known for its majesty and symbolism, becomes the star for advertisers seeking to make their campaigns dynamic and engaging.

In 2024's fast-paced market, the Year of the Dragon signifies swift changes. Stay relevant with these strategies, powered by Smartly, to run campaigns smoothly, boost ROI, and save time. Here are five essential tips for success this year.

  1. Optimize Bids and Budgets to Save on Ad Spend

Not harnessing data effectively for your ad spend in today's fast-paced market can lead to a significant waste of dollars. Now, with the Year of the Dragon bringing in an atmosphere of excitement and unpredictability, it's crucial to stay ahead of the game. Dive into the power of predictive analytics, fueled by AI, to decode shifting consumer behaviors. This empowers you to adapt your budget allocation on the fly, maximizing the impact of your campaigns in this dynamic landscape.

In the midst of this period, a tool like Smartly's Predictive Budget Allocation becomes indispensable. 

Tip: Ride the Dragon's Wave of Success by leveraging Smartly.'s Predictive Budget Allocation. Stay on top of shifting consumer behaviors and decode trends in real-time. Allow Smartly to allocate your budgets strategically, letting you know which platforms and audiences to focus on that align seamlessly with your ads. This way, you not only maximize impact for your campaigns, but also save money on ad spend.

  1. Create More Platform-Aligned Creatives to Avoid Ad Fatigue:

Ad fatigue poses a significant threat to the effectiveness of campaigns. This phenomenon occurs when your target audience becomes weary or disinterested due to repetitive or irrelevant ad creatives. Ad fatigue not only leads to a decline in engagement but can also have adverse effects on your brand perception. When audiences see the same creative too frequently, they may perceive your brand as intrusive or, worse, lose interest altogether.

This Lunar New Year, as the dragon's versatile symbolism takes center stage, leverage the dynamism of various interpretations in your creatives. Experiment with different visuals, messaging, and offers to infuse a sense of excitement and novelty into your ads. In short, create ads at scale.

Tip: Explore a diverse range of ad creatives to infuse dynamism and energy into your campaigns. Utilize Smartly's Gen AI to efficiently scale so your ad creatives remain fresh, preventing ad fatigue. Smartly’s Gen AI swiftly generates multiple ad versions by incorporating diverse headlines and images, employing AI-driven testing to identify the best-performing combinations for engagement and conversions.

  1. Streamline Workflow on Creative Teams to Prevent Bottlenecks

The Year of the Dragon signifies power, strength, and agility – qualities your advertising team should embody during this festive season. Yet, the fast-paced nature of the market demands more than just symbolic strength; it requires operational agility. Bottlenecks in the creative process can hinder your team from creating relevant ads swiftly, impeding your ability to stay responsive in this dynamic market.

To avoid such bottlenecks, it's essential to automate routine tasks and establish a well-defined workflow within your teams. Utilize tools that facilitate seamless collaboration, efficient feedback loops, and timely approvals. By doing so, your team can embody the agility associated with the Year of the Dragon, swiftly adapting to market changes and ensuring that your ads remain relevant and impactful throughout the festivities.

Tip: Channel the dragon's legendary efficiency by automating routine tasks within Smartly. Smartly's workflow automation features empower your team to navigate campaigns seamlessly. Automate repetitive tasks, schedule campaigns efficiently, and set up automated reporting for a nimble and responsive approach to the dynamic Lunar New Year landscape.

  1. Scale Campaigns with Automated Triggers for Higher ROI

To truly capitalize on the Year of the Dragon and elevate your campaigns, it's crucial not just to monitor but to actively respond in real-time. Failing to leverage automated triggers can impede your ability to scale efficiently, potentially diminishing your Return on Investment (ROI).

Automated triggers play a pivotal role in ensuring your campaigns are not only closely monitored but also dynamically adjusted. Picture this scenario: a high-performing creative that, without automated triggers, continues to run without scaling, missing out on a broader audience. Conversely, underperforming ads might linger, draining your budget without delivering the desired results.

Tip: Just as the dragon's keen perception allows it to navigate its surroundings adeptly, advertisers can benefit from Smartly's analytics tools to gain valuable insights. Dive into Smartly's analytics dashboard to extract meaningful insights on how your audience is responding to creatives. Adjust your approach based on real-time data, ensuring your campaigns remain aligned with evolving consumer preferences.

  1. Save Time to Focus on Bigger Initiatives

In the realm of digital advertising, where time is of the essence, it can be challenging to juggle multiple campaigns and ensure that every detail is in perfect alignment. The stress of managing time-sensitive ads and campaign pacing can often overshadow the excitement of new initiatives.

Enter the year of automation – not only can you streamline your workflow but it also frees up your time to aim for those big business and personal goals.

Tip: Instead of anxiously checking if your bids and budgets align with your KPI goals, imagine a world where these adjustments happen automatically. With Smartly’s Optimization Strategies, you can set triggers.

For instance, set conditions like "Ad Sets that are Active and CPA more than $10," and watch as the dragon of automation takes flight, triggering actions like pausing the concerned ad set. Customize triggers to enable automatic changes to campaigns, ad sets, and ads based on preset conditions.

This powerful tool isn't just about saving time – it's about regaining control, reducing manual workload, and driving better results. Now, as you savor your Lunar New Year treats, you can also keep a watchful eye on your campaign progress, confident that the power of automation is safeguarding your digital realm. Embrace the future with Smartly and let the dragon guide you towards success, one automated task at a time.

Embracing The Year of the Dragon

As the dragon takes center stage in the Lunar New Year celebrations, advertisers can leverage Smartly's innovative features to infuse their campaigns with the same power and dynamism. By incorporating the Year of the Dragon symbolism into your strategies, optimizing budgets, scaling creativities, and automating workflows, your advertising efforts are poised for success in the festive and prosperous season ahead. May the Year of the Dragon bring abundance and prosperity to your Lunar New Year campaigns!


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