Predictive Budget Allocation

Unlock Intelligent Budgeting to Save Time and Ad Spend

Predictive Budget Allocation is a powerful element of the Smartly Advertising Platform, designed to effortlessly optimize your campaign. This customizable feature removes human error and leverages AI to update budget spends, saving you valuable time and money.

Why advertisers love PBA

  • Eliminate tedious tasks and improve performance with predictive algorithms
  • Boost accuracy using historical data
  • Fine-tune attributes tailored to your specifications
  • Optimize towards the metrics that matter to you
  • Seamlessly input first-party data to leverage it as a KPI
  • Efficiently allocate budgets using AI optimization
  • Save 5+ hours a week, and see an average 10% decrease in CPA

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How it Works

Drive results that align with your goals, whether you’re a seasoned, data-savvy performance marketer or someone aiming to save time. With PBA, you can set up your campaign in minutes and scale effortlessly.

Select campaigns to create a budget pool
  1. Go to the reporting tab and click on "budget pools"
  2. Select "new budget pool" and proceed to the Predictive Budget Allocation tab
Select PBA optimization objective
  1. Turn on the toggle switch
  2. Select a metric from the search field or available metric groups
Let PBA deliver amazing results

The algorithm examines historical conversion and click data to determine optimal decisions regarding budget allocation.

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What makes PBA stand out in terms of helping me achieve and even exceed my goals?

Crafted for the future of your business, our exclusive AI is designed to leverage customizable first and third-party data. This empowers you to maximize your return on ad spend throughout the entire sales funnel by merging your data with our state-of-the-art cross-channel intelligence.

Enhance your insights further by seamlessly integrating incremental and Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) insights into PBA. Tailor your approach by setting custom multipliers for platform performance, conversion, and revenue metrics. This level of customization is available at the platform, account, campaign, and ad set levels, ensuring flexibility and precision in achieving and exceeding your goals.

How does PBA help to save me and my team time?

PBA consistently fine-tunes budgets using performance data and strategic adjustments. It optimizes precisely, allowing platforms to adapt pacing for maximum impact. This streamlines your team's budget management, potentially saving up to 5 hours a week. Experience unparalleled productivity with AI-driven automation across the campaign lifecycle, empowering your team to concentrate on meaningful tasks such as understanding insights and scaling campaigns.

How long does setup take and what can I expect?

Set-up in minutes and watch performance increase as the model makes the most of your budget. In fact, Smartly customers see an average 10% CPA improvement.

How does PBA work with my existing data?

You input your own first or third-party data. This ensures budgets are allocated where you see results based on your preferred measurement, such as lifetime value or incrementality. Plug the data into Smartly, set it as the goal for Predictive Budget Allocation, and let AI optimization allocate budgets between campaigns or ad sets based on your end goal.

How goals can I optimize against?

Optimize against an endless number of goals - Any GA or Adobe data for example. Also they often have internal attribution and incrementality models, for example using Marketing Mix Modelling

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Case Studies

Sonova saw a decrease of 9% in cost per lead and a decrease of 30% in cost per scheduled appointment.


Deliveroo reaches hyperlocal audiences with neighborhood favorites


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