AI-based Budget Optimization

AI based optimization for ad spend across channels or campaigns maximizes your marketing ROI with Predictive Budget Allocation (PBA). The cutting-edge AI feature puts your budget in the right place at the right time.

Maximise performance with budget allocation
Maximize Performance with allocating budget
AI-based optimization
AI -based to back up your decisions
Works across channels
Cross-Channel Optimization

Our PBA (Predictive Budget Allocation) technology continuously monitors your ad sets and campaigns, automatically shifting your budget to the best performers.

Say goodbye to manual budget management and hello to a smarter, more efficient way of allocating your marketing spend they way you define it. Predictive budget allocations helps lower CPA levels and drives more conversions, enabling you to reach your marketing goals and grow your business.

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Predictive budget allocation platform

Case Studies

Sonova saw a decrease of 9% in cost per lead and a decrease of 30% in cost per scheduled appointment.


Deliveroo reaches hyperlocal audiences with neighborhood favorites


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