3 Retention Benefits for Agencies Using Smartly

May 2, 2024
Amanda Batista

Servicing your clients well is an ongoing, nuanced charter for agencies, as clients’ expectations are evolving along with new planning and execution demands. Savvy businesses are turning to more sophisticated tools and newer methods to enhance their operational efficiency and enhance customer experience across all engagements. 

Agencies face a lack of insights into performance data across channels, challenges in collaboration across media and creative partners, all while being tasked to stay on the forefront of technology and innovation for their own businesses, as well as their clients’. Additionally, managing hundreds of campaigns for dozens of clients across multiple platforms requires time, efficiency, and scale - but the complexity of the adtech world makes it even more challenging. 

Here are three core benefits for agencies and their clients leveraging the Smartly platform: 

  1. Unite teams across all functions- Smartly supports agencies by providing a platform to enable greater collaboration between media and creative agencies, simplifying workflows that save time for media planners. Focused on providing an accurate, real time reporting function agencies have never had before, Smartly is helping to unlock new, strategic client revenue streams.
  2. Do more with data - Agencies gain exclusive access to real time, cross channel insights and optimization that drive performance across every stage of the funnel. For the agency leader, this means unlocking new opportunities for revenue growth, delivering high performing campaigns that drive retention and market differentiation, and spending less time on mundane tasks and more time in front of the client driving value. For FTE employees, this means streamlined workflows that make day to day work easier so they can have a life and a level of cross-functional collaboration that’s never existed before. 
  3. Optimize creative output- Smartly allows agencies to automate creative production and offer personalized experiences that engage your target audience and drive business goals. Agencies can harness the power of dynamic image and video editing and AI-powered templates and feed-based automation. Agencies also can launch multiple campaigns and ad groups at once, and manage and update campaigns with automated workflows that eliminate the need for manual work.

Agency Innovation in Action 

Börlind, a German beauty brand committed to natural excellence, chooses GroupM, a global media investment leader within the WPP network to manage their digital advertising strategies. Renowned for planning, buying, and optimizing advertising, GroupM operates worldwide, crafting strategic campaigns for optimal visibility and engagement in the dynamic media landscape.

GroupM prioritizes high-quality, efficient outcomes, understanding the importance of paid social. To enhance Börlind's success in diverse paid social campaigns, GroupM in DACH sought efficiency by overcoming manual tracking challenges. Recognizing the burden of manual workload, they prioritized streamlined processes to meet client demands swiftly. Enter Smartly's all-in-one digital advertising platform, the solution chosen by GroupM to streamline their approach.

Smartly and GroupM transformed Börlind's campaigns, accelerating processes from ideation to execution. Acknowledging the ongoing importance of testing, Börlind needed a tool seamlessly merging creative and media capabilities, particularly for paid social campaigns. Embracing dynamic creative optimization to boost sales, Smartly emerged as the solution. This dynamic platform empowered them to craft impactful creatives for over a hundred products, perfectly aligning with the ever-evolving advertising landscape.

Additionally, GroupM in Germany scaled from 1 to 23 clients on Smartly within 6 months. Through our partnership, GroupM increased their client’s speed to value by plugging into Smartly’s technology with zero onboarding lag. The agency saw an 11.9% average uplift in conversions and 19.6% uplift in weighted average spend. 

The company has rolled out innovative solutions across a variety of regions. With a high number of clients, campaigns, and markets to manage, GroupM DE was only able to plan budgets prior to campaign launch. The team needed a solution that provided the ability to test and scale on new platforms without causing strain on resources and workload.

Leveraging’s Predictive Budget Allocation, GroupM DE was able to optimize live campaigns with the press of a button. This enabled them to scale to 3 additional platforms in TikTok, Pinterest, and Snap, while improving overall campaign performance by double digits.

For example, leveraging creative templatization, GroupM managed to reduce cost per click by 70% for their client ICI Paris XL. And by using Smartly campaign automation, they managed to re-invest 50% of the time savings into innovative optimizations for one of our biggest retail clients.

“AI isn't just about streamlining workflows; it's about unlocking a new era of creative possibilities. Smartly's AI-powered platform empowers agencies to automate repetitive tasks and gain deeper campaign insights. This frees them to focus on developing high-impact creative strategies that resonate with consumers on a deeper level. By unifying the platform landscape with GroupM, we're redefining what's achievable in the marketing world." says Matt Bush, SVP, Global Head of Agency Partnerships at Smartly. "

With Smartly, agencies can achieve productivity and performance at scale, delivering results for clients across media and creative from one unified platform. Learn more about how agencies like yours are leveling up their offerings by tapping into the power of Smartly. 

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