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Becoming the Leading Digital Advertising Platform with Ad-Lib.io and Viralspace.ai

September 15, 2022
Lina Hagström

Since the founding of Smartly.io, our vision has always been to scale, automate and optimize advertising across multiple platforms. We want to be the strategic and go-to-partners in digital advertising, not just social advertising. It’s important to us that we continually evolve with the growing digital landscape and we believe cross-platform capabilities matched with breakthrough creative help our customers reach new heights.

To make this vision a reality we acquired Ad-Lib.io, a next-generation creative optimization platform and a leading Google Certified Creative partner, and acquired Viralspace.ai to advance our creative optimization capabilities with AI and machine learning for digital advertising.

We are now accelerating the integration to take a giant leap forward in serving our customers with even better capabilities and technology!

Three Becomes One

After the acquisitions, we have operated fairly independently until now. A lot of strategic planning has been going on behind the scenes on how to best merge the companies to become part of the larger Smartly.io organization. The goal was to take the best of each team and align to customer needs.

We are excited to announce that Ad-Lib.io and Viralspace.ai are now part of Smartly.io – warm welcome to both Ad-Libbers and Viralspace folks! We are really looking forward to working more closely together and developing a plan across product, customers, and beyond. The collaboration so far has been excellent, which we believe to be thanks to similar cultures and ways of working.  

Together we will continue to work to solve even bigger challenges for our customers.

Sum Greater Than The Parts

Together we are taking the next step to build the Smartly.io Digital Advertising Platform. Our goal is to be the market leader in digital advertising technology across walled gardens, bringing together multi-platform media buying with game-changing creative tools.

We truly believe that together Smartly.io, Ad-Lib.io and Viralspace.ai are greater than the parts. With our joint platform solution, marketers can engage consumers with relevant messaging throughout the funnel and learn what's driving business results.  

All this brings new exciting opportunities to partner with Smartly.io which now includes creative intelligence and robust creative optimization and personalization capabilities across the Google ecosystem (with an impressive suite of creative tools for YouTube, DV360 and Google Ads campaigns.)

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this exciting news. We’re thrilled to unlock new abilities in advertising.

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