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The State of Digital Creative: New Research Report Highlights The Universal Truths of Creative Excellence

June 20, 2024
Amanda Batista

Almost all consumers today consider personalized, authentic creative a key factor in their purchase decisions, and 71% EXPECT it. 

We at Smartly are keen to give you news you can use. That's why we surveyed over 9,700 people in 6 countries to understand the universal preference for ad creatives. We brought together our data scientists, content specialists, and creative experts to collaborate on a piece that helps empower brands to optimize campaigns for these consumer preferences based on where they are in their digital journey.

Here are some key takeaways from our consumer research report titled: “The State of Digital Creative: What Do Consumers Really Want From Ads?”:

The Importance of Creative Execution

It's not just about being relevant in digital creative—how you present your advertising is over 4X more effective at capturing interest. Creating authentic and distinctive ads is way more effective than trying to blend in. In today's hyper-targeted world, bold brands can open the door to unexpected discoveries, especially for younger generations.

Timing and Placement of Product Features

When it comes to ads, highlighting the product matters more than price and promotions to drive purchase intent. Our research found that showing products in early-stage ads doesn't always increase the likelihood of buying during the awareness phase. But audiences do expect to see products in later-stage ads.

Interestingly, promotions and price aren't among the top five most important creative considerations for mid-upper funnel marketing. Brands should rethink their approach when aiming to boost consideration.

Gen Z: Native to Advertising

Younger generations are the ultimate critics of advertising—they want ads that don't just sell, but also look good and entertain. For Gen Z, the line between entertainment and advertising is so blurry, that it's practically invisible! A whopping 81% of Gen Z prioritize how well an ad is presented, compared to 64% of Gen X and older.

Want to dive deeper into these insights and master how to optimize your digital creative strategies?

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