How to Elevate Your Meta Catalog Ads: The Power of Dynamic Video with Smartly

February 2, 2024
Andy Devey

Riding the wave of evolving ad platforms, weaving videos into your paid social playbook is the trend that's skyrocketing. Recent video marketing movements underscore the power of high-quality visuals in not just driving awareness but also supercharging your ROI.

While traditional platforms have their limitations for video ads, Meta is set to revolutionize your lower funnel strategy with the introduction of Dynamic Media for Catalog Ads (Product Level Video). If you're eager to deliver better performance immediately using an untapped format with assets that you already have, you've come to the right place. Smartly is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this newly created format.

What is Dynamic Media?

If you're not yet acquainted with Meta’s Dynamic Media for Catalog Ads, it's currently reshaping the social landscape. This innovative feature empowers advertisers to seamlessly integrate videos directly into their catalogs at the product/SKU level, allowing marketers to craft tailored product-centric videos for a variety of Meta placements, including reels and stories.

The true power of dynamic media lies in its unique ability to synchronize high-impact formats. In practical terms, this means that Meta can now display videos instead of the traditional product image for users more inclined to engage with motion content. For those who predominantly enjoy watching Reels, relevant product ads can now be seamlessly incorporated, a feature not available before the advent of dynamic media. Early results among Smartly advertisers have shown promising outcomes, with increased conversions and enhanced unique reach on these video-first placements.

Maximize Untapped Potential with Smartly

In the fast lane of advertising, Smartly takes charge, enhancing your campaigns with automated dynamic ad deployment. Our arsenal of image and product video templates zips through your campaigns and ad accounts, ensuring a turbocharged and efficient approach to captivate your audience. Let’s uncover the top three ways how Smartly can level up your dynamic video catalog ads:

1. Streamlined Creative Process:
Save time and money by not needing to create individual videos for every product / SKU. Smartly simplifies the creative process by connecting your feed and using a powerful template editor to build visually appealing video creatives of all aspect ratios. This streamlines the creative workflow, allowing you to seamlessly publish captivating content on your catalog ads – all within a single platform.

2. Efficiency Through Automation:
Understanding the value of time in the fast-paced advertising world, Smartly automates the process of trafficking dynamic ads using image templates and product videos. This ensures a seamless experience across campaigns and ad accounts, allowing advertisers to focus on strategy rather than manual processes.

3. Advantage+ and Product Level Video: A Strategic Pairing:
Smartly builds on the Advantage+ shopping campaigns by strategically pairing it with Dynamic Media. Running Advantage+ catalog ads on products with videos, combined with Smartly image templates, creates a powerful impact. This strategic combination enhances the reach and engagement of your social strategy.

How to work with Smartly
Dynamic Video Ads present a new and exciting format to elevate your advertising campaigns. With Smartly’s seamless integration with Advantage+, scalable creative capabilities, automated video trafficking, and data-driven optimization, advertisers can make informed decisions and achieve better results. Elevate your advertising game – choose Smartly for a smarter approach to Dynamic Video Ads.

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