Introducing Smartly for TikTok: Creating Playful and Fun Ads Together

April 28, 2022
Lina Hagström

We’re thrilled to announce that has partnered with TikTok as a Marketing Partner for Campaign Management and Creative. customers can now buy ads and automate creative easily on one platform to scale their TikTok advertising.

Why TikTok?

We believe in the importance of investing in a multi-platform social strategy to ensure brands can efficiently and effectively reach consumers across their end-to-end journey. TikTok has leapt to the market and become an undeniable asset for brands, and as 92% of consumers say they follow a brand or make a purchase after watching a TikTok, it's clear TikTok has become a powerful player in engaging customers.

That’s why we're excited to announce our partnership with TikTok as part of our mission to provide brands with a truly multi-platform solution for scaling your social advertising efforts. We’re proud to be badged as both an official Creative Partner and a Campaign Management Partner for TikTok, meaning brands can leverage both tools and services to scale on TikTok.

"Through TikTok For Business, we’re building new opportunities for marketers to be creative storytellers and meaningfully engage with the TikTok community. We're thrilled to collaborate with some of the most strategic and trusted leaders in the advertising industry and continue giving marketers access to more tools to successfully create, measure and optimize ad campaigns on TikTok. We can’t wait to collaborate further with, to bring a creative and joyful experience to our brand partners and the broader TikTok community."  - Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok.

With our partnership, advertisers will have the ability to create authentic TikTok assets and launch, measure, and optimize TikTok campaigns alongside other social platforms in one place. In addition, this partnership will provide brands with access to a range of capabilities on TikTok: from creative automation to streamlined campaign workflows to robust campaign optimization and reporting that enable scale, testing, and better performance.

Let Creative Automation Tell Your Story

Due to its unique nature, creative has been one of the biggest hurdles for brands in getting started on TikTok. Now, thanks to’s new subscription-based service for high-quality, authentic Creator content, brands have the ability to maximize creative on TikTok. Powered by's Creative Services, the Creator Connect team can source creators and manage the relationship to ensure brands get high-quality assets.

As a badged partner,'s creative and managed services teams are now a go-to partner for developing and scaling highly visual and engaging creative on the TikTok platform. This is in addition to helping advertisers ramp up their campaign efforts and tap into best practices for how to advertise on the TikTok platform.

"It's no longer a question of whether TikTok should be part of a brand's strategy today," said Ryanne Laredo, Chief Customer Officer, "With 1 billion monthly active users expected in 2022 and a goal to triple its revenue this year, TikTok has solidified its place as one of the most important platforms for reaching highly engaged audiences. As advertisers expand to new social platforms, producing on-brand and engaging creative requires the right best practice knowledge and creative bandwidth to succeed. Through this partnership with TikTok, this is exactly what we will be delivering."


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