Stop the Scroll: How to Create Ads Your Audiences Will L<3VE

February 14, 2024
Amanda Batista

Love is in the air, and brands are on a quest to deepen their connections with their customers, just like in a great love story – it's more than loyalty; it's about building trust. In Episode 2 of "Smarter Advertising" – "How to Stop the Scroll," our CEO Laura Desmond spills the beans on scoring brand loyalty and snatching that deep, meaningful connection rooted in trust. 

Picture it: a world where stopping the thumb scroll is an art form, especially in a landscape where the bar for unforgettable experiences keeps soaring higher than Cupid's arrows.

Unlock the art of crafting beloved ads with these three best practices for brands to stop the thumb scroll and connect with consumers on a deeper level. 

Build brand loyalty that turns into trust
Transitioning from brand loyalty to building unwavering brand trust is the cornerstone of strategy. This involves understanding that trust is an evolving, dynamic relationship between a brand and its consumers. To achieve this transition, consistency in the brand experience is crucial, ensuring a reliable and uniform interaction across all touchpoints. Actively engaging with your audience, listening to their feedback, and responding promptly fosters a sense of trust and connection.

Make your audience sweet on you with dynamic ad creatives 
The heartbeat of digital advertising lies in creatives, contributing to 70% of ad performance. By investing in ultra-specific dynamic ad creatives, brands can tailor content to individual preferences, creating a personalized and engaging experience. This level of customization not only captures attention but also demonstrates a brand's commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of its audience. These creatives' visual appeal and relevance contribute significantly to building a deeper connection, fostering trust as consumers recognize the brand's efforts to provide content that resonates with their preferences and aspirations.

Take things to the next level from LOVE to BUY
In your pursuit of captivating hearts, remember the key to advertising success lies in building trust and crafting content that stops the scroll. Comprehend your audience, produce compelling content, and transform love into action. With Smartly's creative suite, automate production, ensuring authenticity and alignment with your brand.

Happy Valentine's Day from your friends at Smartly!

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