Smartly Launches TikTok Shopping Ads Ahead of the Holidays

August 17, 2022
Lina Hagström

While the end-of-year holidays may seem far away, advertisers around the world are already strategizing how they will connect with consumers as the season approaches. In preparation for this pivotal time of year, TikTok just announced their launch of Shopping Ads, and is excited to launch side-by-side TikTok as the first-to-market campaign and ads partner, just in time to offer brands critical planning opportunities for this holiday shopping season.

Here Come the Holidays

The end-of-year holidays offer the perfect time for brands to check in with consumers, particularly on social media, and one of the most important platforms for re-engaging with consumers is TikTok.

The goal of any advertiser is to speak directly to consumers with a personalized experience, and as a platform, TikTok is known for rewarding authenticity and fostering new relationships. The app is designed for discovery with an algorithm built to recommend a personalized experience for each user that often leads them to find new content and creators. A recent study found that 56% of TikTokers say that ads on TikTok help them discover new products or brands and 48% say they are interested in making a purchase on or from TikTok in the next 3 months. Combined, these factors make TikTok an instrumental part of any brand’s multi-platform advertising strategy this holiday season.

Tis the Season for TikTok Shopping Ads

Here at, we are providing automated tools designed to help advertisers hone their 2022 holiday shopping strategy.’s latest tool, TikTok Shopping Ads, represents vast possibilities to leverage TikTok and build lasting relationships with their customers. This next generation of Shopping Ads from TikTok is a one-stop advertising solution to help brands not only drive e-commerce sales but engage more meaningfully with the TikTok community as our clients connect with their desired audiences in more authentic ways.’s solution for TikTok Shopping Ads enables  seamless campaign management, bulk optimizations, reporting, and creative automation. Advertisers have access to automated workflows that help them to enable scale, optimize, and test ads that drive results and connection. With a simplified buying process and creative automation, TikTok Shopping Ads provide a personalized, native shopping experience for users to help advertisers maximize their consumer engagement. The ads are perfect for brands with an eye on launching new products during the holiday season. Features include:

  • Campaign Management and Optimization: Avoid data challenges and ensure the accuracy of your ads with flexible feed processing and automatic catalog updates. These features not only help advertisers streamline campaign creation and execution across markets, but also assist in automating budget optimizations across ad groups and campaigns. With bulk campaign adjustments, advertisers can quickly respond to audience reactions and make adjustments in record time.
  • Reporting: Receive real-time insights into ad performance on TikTok as well as all other platforms to compare platform performance, and take measurement a step further with customizable dashboard views and data integrations to measure what matters most to a campaign.
  • Creative Automation (*Available late 2022): Scale and automate creative production across an entire product catalog while catering to multiple languages and distinct regions. Stand out from competitors with creative automation, drawing from elements such as discounts, social proof, star ratings, and dynamic templates. customers have already seen a 20% average increase in ROAS and 29% average decrease in CPA when leveraging Shopping Ads. A limited number of customers can start testing Shopping Ads today, and additional advertisers will be able to leverage Shopping Ads in November during the holiday season.


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