Smartly Takes Your Snapchat Dynamic Travel Ads to New Heights

September 28, 2022
Lina Hagström

With travel returning to pre-pandemic levels, brands are looking to make a direct impression on eager vacationers. Snapchat has the solution for  travel advertisers to reach the right audiences with personalized content. Snapchat’s Dynamic Travel Ads is the platform’s latest category expansion that caters to  airlines, hotels, tours, and online travel agencies is thrilled to announce its support of the made-for-travel offering.

Adventure Awaits

Travel demand is recovering  from the last few years of global disruption and Snapchatters are leading the way. 76% of Snapchatters in the US are making plans to or  already returned to pre-pandemic travel. It's critical for travel advertisers to include the platform in their multi-platform social strategy to close the gap in missed connections and reach new audiences.

Snapchat is meant to connect people with their friends and the world, driving discoverability and opening users to new adventures. Research shows that Millennial and Gen Z Snapchatters are 37% more likely to book travel after seeing an advertisement. By advertising on Snapchat, travel brands can easily become a part of the global conversation, inspire millions of new users, increase brand loyalty, and ultimately drive bookings.

Take Your Business to New Heights

Snapchat Dynamic Travel Ads enable advertisers to create an engaging, personalized experience for their travel audience. The solution provides an easy and automated way to prospect and retarget these travelers with catalogs, as well as to tap into new audiences to unlock even more travel dollars. Additionally, brands can dynamically deliver offerings to users based on a user’s travel preferences and intent, driving efficiency at scale and dramatically improving performance metrics across the booking funnel. is here to enhance the Snapchat Dynamic Travel Ads experience with our creative, media, optimization and automation power tools. Advertisers have the ability to leverage dynamic templates to scale creative production, simplify campaign & catalog management workflows, and automate optimization capabilities to continuously drive performance.’s offering for Dynamic Travel Ads can enable you to generate meaningful business results, all while maintaining creative excellence. The following features are included:

  • Enhanced Creative Capabilities: Simply repurpose winning designs to seamlessly launch your Dynamic Travel Ads on Snapchat. Build customizable image templates that dynamically update information with creative elements that your business cares about, while scaling creative production to maximize relevance with users at any point in their traveler shopping journey.
  • Campaign & Catalog Management: Create and update catalogs directly in our Catalog Management solution to streamline campaign workflows. Accelerate campaign execution by building and launching multiple Dynamic Travel Ads at once, and ensure ad accuracy with automatic catalog updates on a custom schedule of your choosing.
  • Optimization & Automated Workflows: Automate workflows to drive results based on performance metrics that matter to your business or preset conditions, using any first or third-party data sources. Automatically allocate your budgets across the best performing campaigns so your ad dollars don’t go to waste.

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