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The Power of Good Creative

October 17, 2022
Lina Hagström

Brands still tend to underestimate the importance of good creative versus performance marketing and targeting, but today—in light of new formats, changing trends, and evolving audience behavior—we need to refresh our expectations and lean into creative as the core driver of brand success.

Connecting with Consumers

Consumers want to be entertained, inspired, and heard. They come to social platforms to unwind, watch entertaining content, and crave an element of discovery. They want unexpected content based on their personal engagement as they lean on channels to serve a wide variety of interesting content unique to themselves. To connect and build lasting relationships with consumers, brands need to show a great deal of creativity, storytelling, and agility.

Leveraging Creative to Achieve Desired Performance

The path to success is to achieve desired performance goals while producing beautiful creative resonating with each unique audience regardless of the screen, channel, or location.

Each channel has its purpose and different reasons why they attract consumers. YouTube is to “relax, boost their mood, and & watch informational videos.” Snapchat is to “find out information about a product or brand.” Meta is to “learn something new or to find out more information about a topic of interest.” Pinterest is for “visual discovery.” Tiktok is to “unwind, laugh, feel happy and inspired”.

Hence, a multi-channel strategy and content scalability are essential. But channel scalability is nothing without continuous creativity and personalization as we all buy the same thing for different reasons from various channels.

Great ads have to cut through the noise, stand out of the pack while being invisible, and feel as natural as organic content. The key to success is to create personalized stories and content that captures attention, reach audiences across multiple channels, and deliver a relevant experience at every touch point to ultimately drive long-term brand loyalty and engagement.

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