Top 5 Benefits of Real Time Brand Measurement

April 1, 2024
Amanda Batista

Typical performance metrics (e.g. ROAS and CPA) are not easily applied when it comes to brand advertising. And brand measurement tools like lift studies, brand tracking, and MMM do not give fast or granular enough insights to make them immediately actionable in the social world.

Now there is a new way, and a new opportunity to tap into a real time, consolidated view to understand your live brand activity across media.

With Smartly Brand Pulse, marketers can make real time decisions, and take clear and immediate action. 

Top 5 Benefits of Successful Brand Campaign Measurement

  1. Find New Consumers Daily, not Monthly - A view into daily changes help enable you to find new consumers to reach instantly with a strong platform mix. Instant changes enable you to find additional reach for new buyers and deliver incremental ROAS.

  2. Gain real-time visibility into performance - Put an end to previous reporting that required a month-long look-back period, which prevented marketers from making efficient optimizations on their brand campaigns to improve performance and show impact. 
  1. Minimize Ad Waste: See if campaigns are reaching objectives and make adjustments to surpass goals.
  1. Avoid Ad Fatigue: Smartly’s Audience Saturation Tracking helps ensure that your ads keep your audience engaged across the funnel and social channels. Keep your ads fresh and effective to keep stopping the scroll.
  1. Unlock your own measurement potential with an impartial cross-channel campaign view that empowers you to execute and deliver end-to-end campaigns. With a unified platform, you’ll have full visibility of your full-funnel campaigns and can take immediate action. 

With the end of cookie-based tracking, fragmentation and the lack of real-time insights across social campaigns, new solutions are needed to breakthrough to audiences. Smartly’s Brand Pulse helps marketers to future-proof their campaign strategy with insight into the full customer journey, revealing how upper funnel interactions drive action across platforms. This holistic view empowers advertisers to optimize their marketing spend and maximize return on their investments. With Smartly Brand Pulse, early adopters improved their spend allocation between brand and performance campaigns by 79%. 

Brand marketers are now empowered to:

  • Support real time optimization of audience, budget, and creative
  • Enable post campaign analysis
  • Tap into more efficient incremental reach and frequency
  • Find new audiences across platforms
  • Respond to media market changes
  • Anticipate creative fatigue

Check out our new eBook “How to Master Brand Measurement in Real Time” for more insights and tips to embrace a full funnel advertising strategy.


How to Master Brand Measurement in Real-Time

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