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Evolving Traditional Brand Media and Measurement

Introducing Brand Pulse, an industry-first solution that empowers marketers with unprecedented control to take traditional brand media and metrics to the next level by making it easier to use in real-time with more transparency.

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Brand Marketers Get the Same Tools as Performance Marketers

Smartly has been leading digital advertising for performance marketers for more than a decade. Arming them with the latest creative innovations, workflow automations, AI-powered budget allocation and the most robust Gen AI in this space. Now these same advances are customized for brand marketers with Brand Pulse.

Brand Pulse Empowers You to:

Connect the Funnel

Gain a comprehensive view of how each funnel stage impacts the other with rich insights. Tie performance results to upper funnel metrics like Reach and Frequency that traditionally can only be seen as “correlated” data rather than being directly tied to conversion.

Find the Optimal Platform Mix

Measure holistically to determine the optimal platform mix that maximizes your reach, while also maximizing your ad dollars by avoiding audience saturation.

React Swiftly to Media Moments

Traditional upper funnel metrics, like reach and frequency, have a 30+ day lag time. Brand Pulse allows you to see these metrics in real-time and capitalize on trending topics and real-time events to connect with your audience when it matters most.

Real-Time Reach and Frequency (RTRF)

As the first feature of Brand Pulse, this industry first puts the brand marketer back in the driver seat. Getting real-time insights into how campaigns are performing, this enables advertisers to move their brand dollars more quickly to deliver the results they want. See more about RTRF here.

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