Top Three Tips for a Prosperous Lunar New Year

January 18, 2023
Lina Hagström

Entering 2023, we are also welcoming the Year of Rabbit in January, according to the Lunar calendar. Based on an ancient tale, the Chinese Zodiac is a race held by the Jade Emperor, where all animals compete to reach the far bank of the river. The first twelve animals to arrive were to be given a title to represent each of the 12 years in the zodiac. Legend has is that rabbit was very proud of its speed (perhaps too much so!). It made great gains early but got complacent and took a nap at the end of the race, meaning he only came in 4th place. Some good life lessons - we don’t want to be caught napping with your digital marketing efforts in 2023!

The celebration of Lunar New Year traditionally lasts for 16 days - it is a time for people to get together for reunion dinners, put up spring couplets, collect red envelopes, watch lion dances, and wish for a lucky and prosperous new year ahead. Although a time for relaxation and celebration, this period can also be stressful for many marketers due to the immense amount of campaign monitoring and changes required.

Now, is there a way to monitor your campaigns without actually doing it, so you can focus on celebrating the festival with your friends and family? Let’s look at some tips and tricks that can help you ensure your campaigns run smoothly during this festive season with

Tip 1: Make the best of Automation to Reduce Manual Work & Human Errors

It can be stressful to wonder if your time-sensitive ads are activated correctly or if your campaign pacing is on track. With’s Optimization Strategies, you can now prevent such distractions by enabling the following triggers to automate manual tasks:

  • Automatically adjust bids and budgets based on your KPI goals
  • Automatically enable and disable delivery based on scheduled time or performance from third-party integration such as Google Analytics or MMP data
  • Increase bidding on Friday at 9pm and decrease it back on Monday at 8am
  • Grow your audience with Lookalike Expansion to include high potential converters
  • Receive email notifications when specific conditions are met

For example, set conditions to Ad Sets that are Active and CPA to be more than $10.

When the above conditions are met, it will trigger an action to pause the ad set. Tip: Customize triggers to enable automatic changes to campaigns, ad sets, and ads based on preset conditions. This powerful tool can help you reduce manual workload, control delivery based on desired conditions, and drive better results.

Now you can keep track of your campaign progress while munching on your new year treats!

Tip 2: Streamline Workflow with a Feed-Based Approach

We can all relate to the immense amount of time and effort it takes to set up flash sale campaigns manually compared to the time they run. If you have multiple flash sales to promote before, during, and after the Lunar New Year, you may benefit by using Automated Ads Campaign to control ad creation and archive them once they have ended. Managing flash sales from your product feed is a huge time saver as you don’t have to spend time setting up individual campaigns manually. Tip: Filter products from your feed based on the date and time values. Once you have added the start and end times per ad into your Automated Ads feed, the system will automatically set ads live at your chosen time; advertising offers that are available only at a specific time.

Another advantage of is the ability to connect Image or Video Templates in your flash sale campaigns and let the automation take care of creating beautiful creatives at scale for you. In addition, all relevant visual elements like discount codes or prices are controlled from the feed, enabling advertisers to show seasonal overlays with dynamic information in an ad to the right person during this festive season!

Tip 3: Try new channels to increase engagement across your campaigns

It's said that the Rabbit, although conservative and careful in their actions, likes surprises every so often to keep things interesting.

We have seen clients extend their marketing efforts, while maintaining a smooth workflow and with a performance mindset, across newer channels. Tip: Use to build ad creative that meets channel best practice.  Each channel requires a unique approach to get the best results from your creative but doesn’t have to mean many more man-hours (or rabbit-hours) with availability across the ecosystem.

You now know in this Year of the Rabbit how to make the most of's speed - so you won’t be caught napping.

Please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you are interested in getting any of the features implemented, or send us a message at to learn more, and we'll be in touch!

May the Year of the Rabbit be a strong and confident year with great health, happiness, and success to everyone! Happy Lunar New Year!


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