Chief Strategy Officer


In her capacity, Katariina holds the reins of global strategy and corporate development. Her responsibilities include ensuring Smartly stays aligned with its strategic plan, staying attuned to market trends, and strategically allocating resources for sustained competitiveness.

Katariina has held various leadership roles, including a six-year tenure at Smartly in capacities such as General Counsel and Chief People Officer.

Katariina's deep understanding of the ad tech industry has been instrumental in consistently delivering results, contributing significantly to Smartly's growth and success. Known for her ability to drive vision and strategy while fostering a strong team culture, Katariina Korhonen stands as a key architect in Smartly's journey to redefine the landscape of advertising technology.

‍Katariina Korhonen, the Chief Strategy Officer at Smartly, spearheads the strategic vision for the leading AI-powered advertising technology company, transforming ad experiences for brands and consumers.

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