Actionable Reports with Pivot Tables

Take immediate action at scale by combining advanced reporting controls and campaign management into a single, streamlined experience.

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Connect relevant data sources
Flexible reporting
Flexible reporting & visualization
Get actionable insights
Generate actionable insights

Data without action is just noise, but with Smartly's Actionable Reports, you're able to immediately react to any trends. From the reporting view, you can quickly and easily edit bids, budgets, and statuses (individually and in bulk) - shifting away from underperformance and scaling up what's working. By integrating any relevant data sources, you're able to have a complete bird's eye view on your performance and how to maximize it.

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Pivot tables in Reporting

Case Studies

TotallyMoney saves 17 hours of manual work per week with Pivot Tables


Liverpool measured the success of the campaign as a whole and proved the value of their program to leadership with Smartly reporting


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