Uplevel Your Marketing: The Top 3 Media and Creative Strategies for Today's Marketer

September 27, 2023
Amanda Batista

Marketers core goals never change, even while the world changes. They must meet the customer where they are, at the right time to encourage a buy. Advertisers and marketers are tasked with meeting ever-growing content performance goals while marketing to consumers with growing and changing needs. But more than half of marketers lack sufficient internal resources to activate content on all the channels and platforms, according to new findings from a Forrester Research report titled Optimize Creative and Paid Media Through a Single Source Of Truth.

This means marketers need new tools to reach these consumers and build a more effective marketing experience that can span across all platforms. Savvy marketers are seizing the opportunity to evolve their strategy, as well as their solution sets. In fact, a majority of marketers (69%) are in the process of adopting generative AI capabilities to optimize their creative formats, according to the report. With a sharper focus on the audience journeys, sophisticated advertisers are employing new ways to increase effectiveness, here’s how:

  1. Make Your Brand Omnipresent 

A mindset shift is required as marketers are tasked with opportunity amid challenge and creative is proving to be a core driver of marketing performance. Brands that aren’t prepared with the strategic outlook and innovative tool set will get left behind. 

Ad dollars are moving to social, where audiences frequent 7-8 platforms and are taking their time and shopping dollars to engage with brands. Are you prepared to navigate the requirements? Greater velocity and volume of quality creative is driving a new scalability imperative.

  1. Conquer the Scalability Imperative

You have to create more content than ever, with less budget than ever, and likely with fewer resources than ever. The creative conundrum calls for marketers to tap into generative AI to make more creative, in an agile way, that can be shared across all platforms to meet audiences where they are.

  1. Uplevel Your Targeting Strategies 

It’s what you do with what you know. And as marketers grapple with fewer data sources to glean insights about core audiences, it’s becoming more challenging to know how to serve them well. Leaning into first party data sources is a great way to “mine the gold in your own backyard.” 

With A.I. and the ability to do dynamic creative optimization, the intelligence will find more customers in the funnel - our job as marketers is to ensure their experience is good. That’s where embracing creative tech to power this reality can help marketers, brands and platforms succeed in this new reality.

For more trends and benchmarks on how digital marketers are evolving their creative processes, check out the full report here.


Forrester Report: Optimize Creative and Paid Media Through a Single Source of Truth


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