3 Ways to Take Your Meta’s Advantage+ Campaign to the next level

November 14, 2023
Julianna Alanne

Today, 70% of digital ads success hinges on its creatives—the quality, diversity, and quantity. Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping is revolutionizing how advertisers target the mid to lower sales funnel.

Advantage+ automatically tests up to 150 creative combinations at once, and it's recommended to test at least this many to deliver the highest performing ads.

But what if you can't create 150 variations? Crafting and designing such a large number of creative combinations is no small feat, especially ensuring they're of the highest quality and offering a variety of options to optimize ad performance.That's where's creative tools come in, speeding up campaign creation. This means allowing you to launch your Advantage+ campaigns and generate hundreds of ad variations at scale.Explore 3 innovative ways to take your Advantage+ campaigns to the next level by achieving even faster and more efficient campaign creation powered by

1. Leverage Higher Quality and Diverse Ad Creative Easier

One of the key challenges with running Advantage+ campaigns is the need to produce a large number of creatives simultaneously. While it's recommended to test at least 150 creatives at a time, this can be overwhelming in terms of time and resources. 

With Smartly, you can automatically generate hundreds of creative variations to deliver personalized Facebook and Instagram ads that resonate with your audience, drive engagement, and mitigate ad fatigue. Produce ads at scale with different messaging, visuals, ad formats, and placements to deliver relevant ads to the right audiences.

How it works: Seamlessly connect your product catalog, data sources, or APIs to image templates, allowing for dynamic data updates and customized offers across various parameters, such as languages, customer segments, audience data, locations, weather-based offers, sports-related promotions, and more.

Automatically generate hundreds of creative variations to deliver personalized Facebook and Instagram ads that resonate with your audience, drive engagement, and mitigate ad fatigue.

2. Enhance The Consistency and Accuracy of Ad Placements

Uploading an ad without the proper specs can lead to wasted time and money. Have you ever seen an Instagram Reel in your feed with the text cut off? This occurs when ads are not tailored to each platform and device, leading to decreased engagement. In Advantage+, you would typically need to manually resize, edit, and upload each creative for various placements, which is time-consuming and can result in human error. streamlines the process using its auto-resizing feature, which ensures a consistent client experience with the correct aspect ratio for every ad format and placement. It empowers you to customize the image or video asset for each placement within a single ad, whether it's intended for Facebook, Instagram (in the feed, Stories, or Reels). This efficient approach saves time, provides a seamless user experience, and boosts your campaign's effectiveness and overall performance.

How it works: You begin by creating your ad creative, which serves as the core visual element of your advertising campaign. This creative can be an image, video, or other media that you want to use in your ads. Select all of the advertising platforms (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) and ad format. Then it automates the process of resizing and adjusting your ad creative to meet the specific requirements of each placement. This may involve cropping, resizing, reformatting, or any other modifications needed to ensure the creative fits the designated ad space accurately.'s auto-resizing feature ensures a consistent client experience with the correct aspect ratio for every ad format and placement.

3. Create Cohesive and Effective Ads

While Advantage+ allows some level of customization, Templates take creative enhancement to the next level. These templates empower advertisers to transform their creative assets and captivate their target audience effectively. With, you can effortlessly create and manage ad variations that align with your brand's aesthetic and convey product information more effectively.

These enhanced visuals not only make your ads more visually appealing but also ensure they deliver a cohesive and attractive experience to your audience.'s creative tools enable you to tap into a wider range of creative possibilities and improve engagement with your target audience.

How it works: allows you to integrate your brand guidelines and assets into the ad creation process. This ensures that your ads align with your brand's specific color schemes, fonts, logos, and other design elements, maintaining a consistent visual identity.

Transform your creative assets and captivate your target audience effectively with's templates.

Automation Match Made in Heaven

Meta's Advantage+ Shopping has been a game-changer for advertisers, but to truly excel, businesses must explore ways to overcome the challenges of managing a large number of creatives. While Advantage+ leverages powerful automation for ad delivery, supercharges your ad creation with automation. 

Partnering with allows you to streamline your campaign management, automate creative scaling, and enhance the look and feel of your Advantage+ creatives. This collaboration empowers advertisers to diversify their ad content efficiently, maintain a professional and polished appearance across platforms, and ultimately drive better performance, leading to increased conversions and ROI. In fact, we have seen an aggregate 50% increase in creative variety in Advantage+ campaigns after integrating, along with a 6% decrease in CPC and a 13% decrease in CPM compared to their usage.

By combining Meta's Advantage+ with, you can reach new advertising heights and stand out in the competitive digital landscape. Book a demo and get started with your Advantage+ campaigns!


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