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Kristo Ovaska May 18 2021 1 PM | 2 min read

It’s an exciting day at as we announce our first-ever acquisition. We’re bolstering’s ability to drive value to our customers by joining forces with a fast-growing startup focused on AI-driven creative optimization for digital advertising: This means our customers can now make more data-driven decisions about their ad creatives with an unmatched level of bespoke, individually customized insights., which was built by Stanford University graduates Hiro Tien, Apoorva Dornadula and Michelle Lu, uses AI to replace guesswork with data-driven decisions. By tagging custom creative elements for each brand ranging from object to actions to text styles they built a custom, brand-specific model to understand the factors that drive conversions and predict performance of ads before they are posted. Using this model, suggests optimizations for creative before, during, and after an ad is launched -- and has delivered up to 70%+ improvements in cost per acquisition for its Fortune 500 clients.

Ultimately, we’re now helping marketers not just know what works, but why. The need for this level of insight, along with the ability to optimize based on it, has never been greater than it is today. The recent release of Apple’s iOS 14 underscores this. When the algorithms brands have long relied on are failing them, creative becomes an increasingly valuable lever to pull. It’s the silver bullet needed to drive performance, but powerful performance improvement requires superior technology. 

With our acquisition of, we’re gaining a tailored solution that can help drive greater creative intelligence to a degree of sophistication unseen elsewhere in the market. With powerful, proprietary AI to tag and tailor creative elements for each brand, advertisers can understand what resonates in real time. This combination of and gives customers a major competitive advantage. In fact, we already share joint customers, like TechStyle Fashion Group -- a digital-first organization that recognizes the need to continuously improve ad performance with powerful creatives. 

“ is the industry leader in AI-driven creative optimization. Their highly customized model has delivered unparalleled recommendations and results -- which is just what a digital-first organization like Techstyle requires -- enabling us to outpace competition and continue to improve our ad performance with powerful creatives,said Aubrie Richey, VP of customer acquisition & media at TechStyle Fashion Group.

We’re looking forward to welcoming the team as part of and continuing our growth journey together on building technology and services that make every day of advertising easy, effective, and enjoyable.

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Kristo Ovaska
CEO and Founder

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