Digital Advertising Tips for a Stellar Q5

November 22, 2022
Lina Hagström

The New Year brings hope and anticipation for a promising future. Advertisers should view Q5 as an opportunity to have a successful start to 2023. Brands have a unique chance to reach consumers - new and old - during the time after the holidays, but before Q1 gets into full swing.

At, we generally define Q5 as the time between the end of December and mid-January where consumers are typically laying low after the holiday splurge. However, people are still shopping, just with a slightly different mindset. What’s more, consumers during this period are also more forward-looking, searching for products and services that will help them accomplish their New Year’s resolutions.

As brands prepare for this unique opportunity post-holidays, here are three things to consider.

Activate a Bright Q1

Brands have the opportunity to make a big splash and start the year strong with a full-fledged campaign. This historically forgotten time is gaining traction in recent years and teams should be proactive in their strategy. With so much competition, it’s important that advertisers enter the market early with specific initiatives and language, so that you and your products will be top of mind.

Advertise Discounts and Deals

For both 2021 and 2022, discounts were ranked as the number one thing influencing consumers' decisions to buy products through digital ads. Garner the attention of your audience by launching campaigns that focus on renewing subscriptions, promotions, including bundles, retargeting, free trials, and free shipping. But it’s not just a good deal that will make a sale, consumers are more tuned into making impulse or quicker decisions that could help them on their path to a better new year. Called the “Why Not” mindset, brands should take advantage of consumers who may be more open to trying something new.

Go Multi-platform

This year will be especially important for multi-platform strategies. Consumers are showing up across an increasing number of social and digital surfaces. Being present across all platforms enables advertisers to tap into the advantages of each. For example, participating, or even starting, holiday-themed trends on TikTok.

As shoppers spend more time looking at new products this year, it’s important for brands to ensure these consumers don’t abandon their products. Running dynamic ads across digital platforms helps brands reconnect with shoppers who may have abandoned a cart, or perhaps not even started one yet.

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