All is a Facebook Excellence in Innovation Winner!

Tuomo Riekki Jul 07 2015 6 AM | 2 min read

The annual Facebook Innovation Competition invites Facebook Marketing Partners to build advertising tools that address new challenges and opportunities as the industry evolves from year to year. This year's competition was centered on “Vertical Solutions,” and Facebook asked partners to help solve unique obstacles in a vertical of their choice.. We're thrilled - Smartly was chosen as one of the Excellence in Innovation winners with our Dynamic Image Templates tool!

Dynamic Image Templates is a great example of how the innovation cycle runs at Smartly. As part of our approach in automating the advertising process on Facebook, our early discussions with clients regarding feed-based campaigns brought to light some key pain points in the scalability of creative creation. Being able to create automated campaigns of a substantial size is one thing, but maintaining brand quality in the creative was a tremendous challenge for many. In particular, the smooth user experience of the native Facebook News Feed on both desktop and mobile did not allow for any decrease in creative quality, as for example seen in traditional retargeting networks, for increasing adoption of Facebook's dynamic product ads.

Hence, Dynamic Image Templates was born. The basic idea with Dynamic Image Templates is to be able to pull product images from a feed and modify them with an in-Smartly image editor to create image templates that are then populated with other content from the feed, as well. The dynamic aspects of the resulting creative are, for example, the image itself, a piece of text with product name, or product price, or a product discount percentage. The engineering effort was an arduous and concerted one, since making it possible to create hundreds of thousands of beautiful images on-the-fly is no small task! Needless to say, the amazing engineering talent at Smartly responsible for making all this reality has received due recognition internally and externally.

Our business, product, and engineering teams are always up for a chat around pain points and day-to-day challenges in Facebook advertising. Being able to identify the root cause of issues that are impeding progress towards a desired goal can often result in the discovery of innovative solutions, such as the story behind Dynamic Image Templates. Who knows - a conversation we start with you today could yet again be an Innovation Competition winner next year!

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Tuomo Riekki

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