How Smartly Creative Ups Your AI-Powered Ad-Design Potential

June 5, 2024

Smartly Creative is an AI-powered unified suite that produces, personalizes, and powers intelligent creative. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, CMOs and their creative-media teams need real-time creative solutions to meet consumers’ constant demand for content. We know that consumers want relationships with brands, in fact, according to a recent 2023 study from YouTube Trends, 81% of consumers seek a personal relationship with the brands they buy.* By fostering collaboration through a unified creative workflow, Smartly Creative transforms the relationship between brands and consumers in real-time.

We know that marketers are often dissatisfied with the creative opportunity in digital. In large part due to fragmentation of attention, too many point-solutions contributing to siloed workflows, and creative constraints that compromise the big idea. 

Smartly Creative solves for these pain points making it possible for creative and media teams to produce creative at the volume and velocity needed to stay relevant, personalize with context at scale, power performance through quality creative and brand governance at every touchpoint. 

Today, Smartly produces over 800k creative variations per day. Ads designed in Smartly Creative adapt with real-time insights, are modular and configurable to channels, and are personalized by Gen AI technology, helping marketers to reach and exceed their performance targets. With Smartly Creative, brands can have more meaningful interactions with real-time, on-brand, personalized creative across channels.

How Brands Are Leveraging Smartly Creative to Enhance the Creative Experience

Smartly Creative is a suite for brands and advertisers comprised of five essential apps, each designed to address key challenges in creative production, creative management and dynamic creative optimization (DCO): 

Concepts: Builds high-quality creative with a streamlined workflow for assembling brand-approved content. It simplifies cross-channel projects and aligns the creative team.

Media Library: Centralizes media assets and templates for easy access and reuse, solving asset management issues and enhancing efficiency.

Smartly has revolutionized our video processes, paving the way for innovation and efficiency in our daily operations.  -Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Trendyol

Editor: Provide tools for real-time editing and customization using AI. Adobe After Effects, Google Web Designer, Photoshop file upload with YouTube integrations speeds up workflow.

“With Smartly, we effortlessly build personalized videos, saving us a lot of time and boosting our efficiency.”
Head of Demand Generation, Uber. Uber increased CTR by 108%, decreased CPC by 43%, and lowered CPA for sign-ups by 36% with Smartly.

Producer: A single app for marketers and creative designers to work across channels and the full funnel. Simplifying audience signals, ad trafficking and campaign execution, ensuring fast creative approvals for optimized campaigns.

Reporting: Provides insights and analytics to measure and optimize creative performance. Enables teams to proactively generate refreshed creatives using Gen AI.

Why choose Smartly Creative?

Smartly Creative is not just a tool; it’s a transformative suite that puts CMOs and their teams at the forefront of the advertising industry with a unified creative workflow. By producing, personalizing, and powering intelligent creative, Smartly Creative sets a new standard for how brands reconnect with their audiences, ensuring that every brand touchpoint is impactful and every strategy is efficient.

Do you want to up your creative game? Speak to us today to try out Smartly Creative. 


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