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Introducing The Smartly.io Asset Library: Leverage Your Assets Across Platforms

December 19, 2019

With the proliferation of platforms, digital advertisers need to keep up to reach the right customers with the right creative at the right time; hence creative has become one of the most powerful performance levers. With the ever-growing need for personalized creatives at scale, many advertisers are struggling to keep up with all the platforms and internal systems they have to manage. In particular, we know how frustrating it can be to manage all your creative assets across multiple platforms and ad accounts and constantly downloading and uploading them into different systems.

Save Time with Better Workflows 

At Smartly.io, we’re endeavoring to make social advertising as easy as possible - that’s why we created the Smartly.io Asset Library. The Smartly.io Asset Library is a centralized way to organize and leverage assets across platforms. It allows you to manage all your creative assets in one place - whether you plan on using them on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. 



The Smartly.io Asset Library also allows your performance and creative teams to save and manage creatives in one place, making collaboration easier than ever.  More organized and seamless workflows enable your teams to allocate their time on more strategic and creative work.

Together with Smartly.io's Image and Video Templates tools (use our presets or create your own!), the Smartly.io Asset Library enables teams to make iterations and always stay on-brand across accounts.  



If you’re a Smartly.io customer, you can get started right away using the new Smartly.io Asset Library by clicking on Library in the main navigation of the platform. If you’re not yet using Smartly.io, contact us to learn how you can streamline your advertising efforts.


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