Smartlies Now Have Even More Flexibility to Choose Where to Work

Katariina Korhonen Jun 01 2021 7 AM | 3 min read

Going forward, Smartlies can choose to work at the office, fully remotely, or a little bit of both. As an added bonus, introduces two new programs for short-term remote work where you can work from anywhere for 30 days per year, or from multiple locations for 60 days per year.

We are happy to be able to offer Smartlies even more flexibility to choose where to work. We surveyed the whole team earlier this year, and found that some Smartlies are very eager to return to the office, while others craved even more freedom to work remotely. Most Smartlies fell somewhere in the middle, wishing for as much flexibility as possible. By introducing these new models for work, we aim to offer a work environment where all Smartlies feel they can do their best work and effortlessly combine work and life.

Choose between in-office, hybrid, or fully remote work

Wherever we have a physical office, Smartlies can choose to work fully onsite. While occasional remote work is possible, this is the model for all those people who truly enjoy the office environment and want to be surrounded by other Smartlies.

In the hybrid model, Smartlies can flexibly combine working at the office and from home. If you feel you can focus better at your home office, you can use remote days to work on tasks that require deep focus — or vice versa. Teams are free to choose fixed days when everyone comes to the office so the team can focus on collaborative work, like roadmap planning or retros. also offers completely remote work opportunities for those who have found remote work to suit them best. Remote positions are always subject to separate approval and are open in countries where we have business entities, which, at the moment, means Finland, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, France, Netherlands, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and Australia. In the U.S., we have operations in the states of California, Connecticut, Illinois, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington. Each fully remote Smartlie receives a 1000 EUR/USD stipend to support their work-from-home setup. While a remote Smartlie can join a hybrid team, we are in the process of building fully remote teams, too (read more about our first remote-first product development teams in this blog post).

Stretch your wings: work from another country for 30 or 60 days a year

On top of the onsite, remote, and hybrid work setups, launches two programs to allow Smartlies even more flexibility to choose where they want to work.

The first program, available for all Smartlies, allows them to work remotely from anywhere for up to 30 days per year. Smartlies can also combine their annual leave with their remote work stint. Always wanted to try out a bit of digital nomadism? This is your chance!

The second program allows Smartlies to work remotely from many of the locations where we have operations (see the list of countries and states in the previous chapter) for up to 60 days per year.

We ask Smartlies to select locations where they have a legal right to work — like a visa, work permit, or citizenship. In addition, these both short-term remote programs expect Smartlies to cover their own expenses. Our HR and Legal teams support Smartlies with short-term remote work setups.

The pandemic has got many of us rethinking how and where we want to work and live. We empathize with Smartlies’ hopes for new ways of working, and by introducing these new programs we seek to provide Smartlies with the flexibility to make those dreams come true.

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