Sephora SEA Goes Beyond (Static) Beauty with Videos

Sephora is a multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores featuring nearly 300 brands. Sephora wanted to expand their current ad formats to include videos. Together with, they automated more than 40 video assets across seven countries for their Black Friday campaign.

1 Challenge

Expanding Beautiful Ad Formats Across Seven Countries

Sephora SEA wanted to expand advertising assets beyond static images for the seasonal Black Friday sale across the Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. With its vast product catalog of more than 8500 products, Sephora was not able to scale up the creation of video assets with a short turnaround time.

2 Solution

Stencilling More Than 40 On-Point Video Ads Automatically

Sephora intended to target prospects broadly in addition to reaching existing customers. Their strategy was to leverage the items on sale by showing lucrative discounts by capitalizing on the existing, readily available 8,500 product images.

The Creative Studio helped Sephora design a custom video template for their Black Friday campaign. By simply attaching their existing product feed to the template, Sephora SEA was able to quickly filter the products that they wanted to feature. Within a matter of minutes, Sephora obtained more than 40 localized video ads in multiple formats which were used on Facebook and Instagram placements in a three-day campaign.


3 Results

Stunning Videos in Multiple Dimensions 

Sephora’s performance marketing team was empowered to react fast to tactical campaigns as they were able to scaled dynamic, localized videos in multiple formats in a few minutes.


“Partnering with Creative Studio helped us create localized video assets for multiple markets at scale, allowing us to expand the variety of ad formats in a short amount of time.”

Joan Tan, Performance Marketing, Sephora


Video ads in minutes

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