Helsinki Office

Our office is in the heart of Helsinki, right next to the Central Railway Station. The walk-in address is Elielinaukio 2 G (Postitalo building).

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Elielinaukio 2G
Postitalo building
00100, Helsinki

Getting to Helsinki Office

Follow these three simple steps to get to our Helsinki office. automates your campaigns

1. Enter the Postitalo building

To enter the office, find the Postitalo entrance G from the Elielinaukio (railway station) side.  multiplatform reporting cababilities

2. Ring the doorbell and get to the elevator

On the left side of the elevators there is a white video doorbell. Call “” and we will unlock the elevator so you can come up to the 4th floor. budget algorithms

3. Welcome to

You will find our office on the 4th floor. One of  Smartlies will meet you in the lobby.