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Creative that is on brand and on demand. Maximize the impact of creative branding and customization to drive conversions.

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Manage variations at scale and with your brand guidelines
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Tailor creative to platforms and formats
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Easily develop and test creative variations

Smartly's Video and Image Templates enable your team to use and scale creative like never before. With audience targeting data in limbo, creative has become (and we believe has always been) the most impactful performance lever. Using templates, you can quickly and easily develop creative that performs, across channels, audiences, and campaigns. Spend more time dreaming up your next campaign, and let us do the heavy lift of scaling for you.

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Image and Video Templates

Case Studies

Smartly’s Creative Personalization helps Urban Sports Club decrease CPA by 52%


Deliveroo uses Smartly Video & Display to create hundreds of weather-based creatives


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