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Supercharge your Meta campaigns, Smartly

Smartly offers multiple tools for Meta that unlock growth and improve performance by unifying Creative, Media, and Data all in one platform.

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Instagram Facebook Dynamic Ads

Enhance Dynamic Ads to stand out from competitors with Dynamic Creative templates

Say goodbye to boring white backgrounds. Gain full creative control of your Dynamic Ads with Smartly’s Image Templates and automatically create highly personalized, visual ads from any data source. Smartly’s Creative Insights empowers effective testing, revealing which creatives, concepts, and elements drive the highest engagement.

Instagram Facebook scale ads with

Leverage Smartly to create visually appealing images and videos at scale

Automatically generate hundreds of creative variations at once to deliver relevant, personalized Facebook and Instagram ads that resonate with your audience, prompt action and reduce Facebook creative fatigue. Easily connect any product catalog, data source, or API to an image template and dynamically update data and customize offers across languages,customer segments & audience data, location, weather-driven offers, sports-driven offers, and more!

Automated Campaign creation in Meta

Simplify Ads Buying process on Meta

Leverage your business data to create hyper-targeted campaigns automatically – no manual updates needed. Ads and campaigns update in real time as your data changes. Scale your operations and never start a campaign from scratch with intuitive workflows, automation,  and naming conventions.

Instagram Facebook reporting platform

Measure the metrics that matter most and optimize your strategies

Tap into the power of a unified Meta insights report Identify, and do more of, what moves the needle. Leverage flexible reporting to see your data — across Facebook and/or Instagram accounts — in one view and save hours of jumping between platforms. With third-party integrations and custom metrics, our Meta creative reporting allows you to measure the data that matters most and rapidly make decisions in real-time.

Case Studies

Under Armour achieved improved performance and a higher ROI with Image Templates


Brooklinen increases conversions by 45% with Smartly and Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns


Drive profitable growth throughout the entire advertising process

Smartly's platform allows you to Reach, Engage, and Learn from your audience across all channels.Reach and engage your customers from a single workflow with Smartly.

  • Reach your audiences with ease
  • Engage with effective creative across the funnel
  • Learn what works across platforms
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